Where did I go?

This was my blog for years and chronicles many of my weight loss attempts and other life events. I stopped blogging and shut down the site once I was picked for Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition on ABC. I decided I wanted to reopen the blog because I wanted to be able to keep the real life history of my journey before the show.

I will return to blogging again soon here: www.jacquimccoy.com. You can follow my current life adventures here: www.facebook.com/jacquimccoyemwle

I am also on twitter: https://twitter.com/JacquiBelieves and on 
instagram: http://instagram.com/jacquimccoy

I hope you all are doing well! So many of you were so supportive and helpful during my weight loss struggles. Thank you for being a part of my life! <3 div="">

Joy & Health,
Jacqui McCoy


Weight Loss

The weight loss train is moving again over here...I took a break from blogging because I was just so overwhelmed with life and because I was sick and tired of not being able to report any progress. The amazing part is once I stopped putting so much pressure on myself, I started to make healthier choices and started losing weight, fast. Its been a great summer! I am the closest I have been to being under 300 in years and hope I will be under 300 by mid-later October!! :-) I have been combining a few different techniques lately. I am trying to keep it low carb (About 50 carbs a day) 1500 calories M-F and I eat whatever I want on Saturday and Sunday as long as I stay under 2000 calories. I have been exercising an hour a day 6 days a week. I was shocked that this has been working so well. It was kind of just an experiment because I found keep my carbs lower is super helpful. I think the PCOS has given me insulin resistance. But, I can't stay on a low carb diet very long. I get bored, tired, ill and frustrated. I miss so many yummy carbs. Now, I feel my life is very balanced. I can't eat a cup of ice cream today, but I will wait till Saturday. I can't have a potato today, but I can bake one on Sunday. It has helped me push through mentally and is giving me the best results I have ever had. After trying so many things I realize each person and each body is very different. This may not work for everyone but I am elated to have found something that works for me!!
Example of my low carb day:
2 eggs with Olive Oil
1 Apple
Grilled Fish or Chicken with 2 cups vegetables
22 Raw Almonds
Grilled Fish or Chicken with a large salad or a Jay Robb Protein with unsweetened Almond Milk
On the higher carb weekends I try to fulfill any cravings I have had so it changes from weekend to weekend. I do not eat any fried food or baked goods during this time. I know those foods just make me crave more and eat too much. It is important to count calories on your high carb days so you do not go over board.
So there is an update on me. How are you all doing?


My Dad Retired after over 30 years on the City of Miami Fire Department!

So proud of you Daddy! You are an amazing Fire Chief, Father, and Friend! Have a wonderful retirement Journey! (My hubby is a firefighter/paramedic too!) xoxo, Your Daughter



I am completely and totally consumed with the adoption process. Who knew how much time, energy and paperwork it would take. I truly have no time for blogging. I am eating right, exercising, and loving life. I haven't lost any weight for the last month but I haven't gained ether. I am going to have to hit pause on my blog for a little while, but don't worry...I'll be back! :-)



Someone reminded me a couple weeks ago that after I remodeled my kitchen last summer I never remembered to put up an after picture. Here is the before and after by popular demand. :-)


Forgive me Bloggers, I have sinned.

I had the very best of intentions. I have never done super well when I go on vacations. I have tried but I always gain a little weight. I was very active the whole 5 days I was away, but the eating did not go down how I would have liked it too. I ate super healthy the first day.

But it was all down hill from there. We were on the go, good food was everywhere and I had very little will power. :-/

It all started on the afternoon of Day two... they served brownies for dessert and I was hungry! I had one, and it seems from then on all I wanted was simple carbs. I know when I am not very focused on my eating things go bad. I did not drink enough water, I did not get enough fiber, I did not eat enough fruits and veggies, and I ate too many simple carbs.

The next problem was that I was so stressed out about the loss of control and weight gain on the trip that I ate badly for an extra two days. For exactly 7 days I was carb crazy. I felt like such an addict. As I was eating mac-n-cheese (An old favorite) my hubby looked at me and said "You are off the wagon huh?" I was quick to say NO! I am back on track tomorrow, but I knew I was making dumb choices and should have stopped right then and there. I am not sure how much I have gained because I have not weighed myself since Tuesday when we got home. I have been afraid. I can't stick my head in the sand any longer. I am going to weight myself tomorrow morning and report back to you. I keep praying, hoping, wishing that it is not as bad as I think. So its back to trying to get the excess sugar and carbs out and healthy fresh food in. I have my whole next week planned which is half the battle. *Sigh*


Wedded Bliss

I just got back from my good friends wedding in Orlando, it was 5 days of celebration. I had an amazing time. Pictures and recap to follow...I have a lot to catch up on!