New Lifetime Show: Drop Dead Diva...Should I be offended??!?

I am currently watching the pilot episode of a new show on lifetime television called Drop Dead Diva. My mom told me I might be interested in it, I had no idea what is was about. I am not sure what to think about it yet. However the stero typing is sooo annoying. The premise of the show is that a size 2 tall, shallow, blonde model gets killed and gets sent back to earth but has to use a the body of someone who is still alive but dying. She goes in the body of a chunky, shorter, smart, brunette. When she sees she is now fat she asks: "You sent me to hell?????!!!!!!"


And to be fair, why does the attractive skinny blonde have to be stupid?

There was lots and lots more.

If you catch the show. Let me know what your thoughts are...