I am neglecting myself, I know I am. I am still 314 for the second week. There is no mystery as to why. I haven't been able to work out and my meals have been on the fly, although still as healthy as possible.

I have some big projects going on at work, my friends bridal shower this weekend which I am planning and my mother's 50th birthday party next weekend which I am planning, and my best friend in the whole world Faith is coming for a 4 day visit with her 8 month old baby ethan next weekend. So, I know I am not putting myself first right now but I don't see anyway around it. However I still wanted to check in.

How are all of you doing?


Weigh In

Its been a busy week at work...I have had a seminar all week and haven't gotten home each night until after 8pm. Therefore my eating has been in check but I haven't done much exercise. Hubby and I plan to bike for a couple hours this weekend and be really active to help make up for the days I have been sitting in meetings.

So, this week I am still 314.


Weigh In

Okay, its been my first week back in the saddle. It truly feels good. It is right where I am supposed to be. Feeling in control of my eating empowers me. Some quick thoughts about the week:

1) I never realized how dreadfully dehydrated I get when I am not focused on my eating and water intake. When I am off plan I tend to drink too much diet soda also. The first day back on plan I gained 1.5 pounds in water weight alone, yikes!

2) I need to ignore what my hubby is eating and focus on myself. If hubby falls off the wagon I am too quick to follow. If he is eating healthy I get jealous of all the extra food he can have and still lose tons of weight. We are trying to live healthy together but I need to focus on my own road to health.

3) It is amazing how much carbs affect me. For me, carbs are addictive. I can eat healthy carbs in moderation but if I eat too much I just crave more and more and easily overeat for days.

4) Junk food makes my brain turn to mush. I can think so much more clearly already, after just one week off the comforting junk food.

5) Food doesn’t not truly comfort me long term. It just makes me fatter and more unhappy. I need to stop falling for it!

6) I hope I can remember this next time I fall off the wagon.

I can say I am proud of myself. I must be learning something because although I was derailed, I got back into the game pretty quickly for me. My typical lapse has always been much longer and often I am only half hearted in my renewed attempt. This time I am right back on track and giving it all I have. Maybe that is why I lost 2 pounds this week! I am down 48 pounds from my highest weight of 362!! Yes, I am elated!