Forgive me Bloggers, I have sinned.

I had the very best of intentions. I have never done super well when I go on vacations. I have tried but I always gain a little weight. I was very active the whole 5 days I was away, but the eating did not go down how I would have liked it too. I ate super healthy the first day.

But it was all down hill from there. We were on the go, good food was everywhere and I had very little will power. :-/

It all started on the afternoon of Day two... they served brownies for dessert and I was hungry! I had one, and it seems from then on all I wanted was simple carbs. I know when I am not very focused on my eating things go bad. I did not drink enough water, I did not get enough fiber, I did not eat enough fruits and veggies, and I ate too many simple carbs.

The next problem was that I was so stressed out about the loss of control and weight gain on the trip that I ate badly for an extra two days. For exactly 7 days I was carb crazy. I felt like such an addict. As I was eating mac-n-cheese (An old favorite) my hubby looked at me and said "You are off the wagon huh?" I was quick to say NO! I am back on track tomorrow, but I knew I was making dumb choices and should have stopped right then and there. I am not sure how much I have gained because I have not weighed myself since Tuesday when we got home. I have been afraid. I can't stick my head in the sand any longer. I am going to weight myself tomorrow morning and report back to you. I keep praying, hoping, wishing that it is not as bad as I think. So its back to trying to get the excess sugar and carbs out and healthy fresh food in. I have my whole next week planned which is half the battle. *Sigh*


Wedded Bliss

I just got back from my good friends wedding in Orlando, it was 5 days of celebration. I had an amazing time. Pictures and recap to follow...I have a lot to catch up on!



Thank you for so many sweet comments and emails about the failed adoption. It was rough but we learned a lot in the process. We have renewed hope and continue to pursue adoption. I am certain there will be good news in the future.

In other news, some of my old pants fit! It came at just the right time too. I am was down to only one pair of pants. Now I have 3-4 I can wear. Some of them are tight, but they loosen up during the day. Pretty soon I will be able to wear a bunch of my old clothes from when I lost weight last year. I can't wait!

I went on my longest bike ride to date. We biked on Saturday for 2 hours and 5 mins. I am super sore but I love it. I wanted to quit at 1.5 hours but I figured if my 51 year old mama can do it, so can I! Thanks for the inspiration Mom! We are trying to build up to 3 hours so we can do a biking trail in the everglades that my parents did when I was a little kid and strapped to the back of her bike. We are thinking the fall will be a nice time to go.

Okay, I am so bad. I still have not set up my Body Bugg. I have had people ask how I like it, and the reason I have not responded is because I am ashamed I haven't used it yet. I am planning on doing it in the next week. (I hope.) I truly am so curious to see what it says about my calorie burn.

I will be gone until next Monday. I am leaving Thursday morning for a friends wedding in Orlando. Excited for the wedding, a little nervous about how this will affect my food choices. We will be eating out for almost every meal while we are there and I am not sure I will have much time for exercise. I am going to bring some long lasting fruit like apples and maybe some other non-perishable snacks like walnuts so I can substitute things if I have to. I will not be drinking an alcohol. I have already volunteered to be the Designated Driver. I'll let you know how it goes.


6 Week Update

6 weeks in, but for some reason it feels much longer. Probably because I thought about it for a few months before actually getting off my duff and doing it. For my 7th week I am dropping the shakes to just breakfast. I love my shakes but really want to do real food for lunch again. I have some good healthy ideas that are easy. I am focused on eating clean. My meals are all pretty simple but I like it that way and hubby hasn't complained.

I lost another 2 pounds!!! Its crazy, this is the first time my body has ever done the right thing. I keep waiting for it to stop. Balance must be the key.


I've been on diets since I was 14!

My mom and I were talking last night about all the different diets I have tried. I just thought this was an interesting diet time line.

1994: Jenny Craig
1995: Very Low Fat (Almost fat free, yikes!)
1996: Phen Fen (So glad I was only on it 3 months!!)
1997: 1000 calories a day (What was I thinking?!?! I lived on rice cakes and celery.)
1998: Ton-o-Exercise (Too bad I wasn't eating right.)
1999: Weight Watchers
2000: Vegetarian
2001: Atkins (It is hilarious to me that I went from Veggie to Atkins!)
2002: Personal Trainer (She gave me her own diet plan)
2003: Jenny Craig (This was before my wedding, I had to try one more time.)
2004: South Beach Diet (Right after my wedding. I got married in a size 24 dress.)
2005: Atkins (Just couldn't let it go, I just knew carbs were the enemy)
2006: Green Tea Diet (At least green tea has antioxidants
2007: Plan Calorie Counting (But I still wasn't always eating healthy)
2008: My Naturopath's Diet Plan
2009: My Endocrinologist's diet plan
2010: Balanced and Healthy Lifestyle. (This time, it is sticking with me forever!)

This is not even a complete list, since some years I was on more than one plan! After a decade and a half of dieting, I know that diets do not work. I lost weight on every single one of these diets. But, I never learned how to keep it off and the diets were not something I could live with forever. No more rules, no more diets! I am just focusing on nourishing my body with healthy foods whenever possible. Moving more, making sure my portions are in check. I am getting healthy! I am not on another diet.