Happy Birthday to me!

Yesterday was my birthday and I stepped on the scale...it read 338.5. Ya!!...now I am charging through to 299! Lets hope I can make it by the end of the year. *Sigh*


Every thing is closed...

So, we are down here in Florida dodging hurricanes and tropical storms. We were missed but the weather has been horrific which led to everything in the world to close including my job. Traffic conditions were deemed unsafe. I deem staying home alone on a stormy day unsafe for diets. This leading to mindless eating and a load of guilt. Oh well, I cut myself off for the day but not before I squeezed in a couple of cookies and some Doritos. My mom got them as hurricane supplies. Damn Fay!

Good news is this is not the norm for me and I am feeling very good about hitting my revised birthday goal in a couple days. Go me!


The Cookie Diet

Its spreading like a rash in many of my social circles and I just don't get it. I mean the cookie diet?!?!? Come on!

You eat 4-6 cookies a day and then a sensible dinner, there is no magic here, it is PORTION CONTROL.

People are acting like these are super natural cookies that have come to save the day. I'm not buying it!

And although some of my friends have a lost a little weight, ALL of them are so sick of cookies! Um yeah, I would rather just track my calories and have variety any day.