The Cookie Diet

Its spreading like a rash in many of my social circles and I just don't get it. I mean the cookie diet?!?!? Come on!

You eat 4-6 cookies a day and then a sensible dinner, there is no magic here, it is PORTION CONTROL.

People are acting like these are super natural cookies that have come to save the day. I'm not buying it!

And although some of my friends have a lost a little weight, ALL of them are so sick of cookies! Um yeah, I would rather just track my calories and have variety any day.


  1. i've heard NOTHING but bad things about those cookies-- and basically? it's the freaking special k diet. high fiber portion control.

  2. Is it even possible to get the proper nutrients that that the body needs in that one sensible meal? Whew...what people won't try to lose weigh the easy way.

  3. You are right - just about moderation. Of course its a terrible long term plan/

  4. We could make millions on the chocolate diet. You can have three hershey squares a day and lose weight. WoooHooo! The sad part is these diets sell and people make money off the dream we all have to lose it. Crazy cookies ....

  5. haha i do love cookies though.....but 4-6 a day...even for me, that is cookie overload

  6. I don't like cookies so much that I'd rather have one than eat real food. nuh-uh.

    Plus, that plan is just too low-calorie (it's begging to ruin your metabolism so you HAVE to eat less in future, no choice.)

    I'm guessing those cookies taste pretty NOT great, too.

    I don't think this is the way to lose weight for life, but hey, people gotta try what they gotta try and learn what they gotta learn. I still wish them well...and health.

    The P

  7. a few of my friends did it and lost weight, but got so tired of it so quickly. They do have muffins and shakes, too. But, I've heard that the muffin serving is ONE mini muffin. Yup- ONE. you eat one every two hours. Helllloooo... starvation anyone?

    You know, I started the Nutrisystem diet in May and have done really well on it. I'm down over 25 lbs :-) It is mainly portion control and high protein/fiber, but it's also quite convienent.

    Anyway, the cookie diet, imo, isn't even about portion control, it's crazy!