To blog or not to blog...

Okay, lets get to the reasons I am considering giving up on blogging...

I started to think about why I started this blog in the first place. I wanted to have accountability on my journey, I wanted to encourage others and relate to them along the way, and I wanted to keep a record of my journey.

So far there seems like there has been no journey. In the last 2.5 years I have gained and lost the same 40 pounds over and over again. It hasn't been beneficial for me or my blogger friends. I am just floundering.

In the last six months I have gained weight yet again. As I gear up to get my life back on track for the 453rd time I am embarrassed to yet again share this on my blog. I am truly starting to wonder if it can be done. I have to believe it can or there is no point in going on.

I am just thinking that this blog is not doing what it was designed to do, which is to help me and help others. Since this is the case, should I keep going in hopes it all will turn around, or should I stop? I am not sure at this point. We'll see.

Kitchen before picture! It was awful!

Stained laminate cream counter tops and back splash. All of our appliances were mismatched. Fake wood particle board cabinets that were falling apart. Ugly border and ceiling fan. Peel and stick "tile". Yuck! After pictures coming so soon!

Everything has taken longer than expected and we are actually still finishing up the new back splash today. Cooking healthy is even more fun when you have a kitchen you love to be in and that actually works properly!


More of the same...

My new kitchen looks awesome, we are finishing the back splash this weekend. I know I promised before and after pictures and I will try and get them as soon as possible. To be honest I am pondering whether or not to keep blogging or not. I will get into that more in my next post. I just wanted to give a quick update so no one thought I was dead.


I'm home...

I just got back from Washington DC. I was visiting my best friend and her son who just turned 1 years old. I love that little guy. We had a great time. Now its time to get back in the game.