Monday Weigh In: I have no freaking clue!

Its not Monday and I did not weigh myself this week. Things in my life have been crazy, I haven't been eating right, I haven't been exercising, and I have been completely focused on everything but myself and my weight loss. Its not pretty but thats the truth.


Monday Weigh In: 326

Yes, I am still as fat as ever in case you were wondering. This is the longest funk ever. At least I worked out today. Peace.


Product Review Post: Fiber One Bars

So I was walking around the grocery store trying to find some new snacks so my routine doesn't get boring and I saw the new Fiber One Bars. They are good sized bars and had 150 calories each, but what really caught my eye is they have 9 grams of fiber per bar! I'm always trying to find ways to sneak extra fiber into my diet. I was thinking they may sound great but how will they taste? Turns out they were awesome. I tried the Chocolate and the Peanut Butter varieties and loved them both equally. They also were very filling. I had mine as a snack with an apple and it kept me going for hours. They are definitely worth trying.


Monday Weigh In: 325

325...Still...Ugh. Don't feel as motivated as I should. What is wrong with me??


Monday Weigh In: 325

Long and lonely is the road back to the straight and narrow.

I am feeling strong and have lost a pound. It's pretty much amazing that I lost anything because I had a weekend get away with my favorite people on earth, we had a lot of fun, and a lot of booze and snack foods. I didn't completely over indulge though and we were very active during the weekend. We took a long walk, exercised in the weight room one morning and had a yoga class taught by my friend who is a new Yogini in NYC. She was awesome and I think I could really benefit from taking up yoga. Not only did I really feel it working my body but it also relaxed me a lot. I also loved that any movement could be modified to what ever level is comfortable for you. I look forward to incorporating it into my fitness routine. My gym offers it a couple times a week. So here I am: A girl worth losing AND a Yoga Fan.