A new low...

So, I am shopping at old navy with my sister in law for a cover up and sandals and this 3 year old little girl comes up to me and says: "You're fat" and walks away.

I was having a good day, I just found a bath suit that didn't make me want to commit suicide when I looked at myself in it and this little girl takes it all away in an instant.

It made me think about why I was so upset. The little girl was technically correct. I am fat. But, when I hear this I don't hear, you are fat, I hear: you are a fat ugly worthless piece of crap.

I need psychological help.


A sign?

For the 5th time, a doctor has told me losing weight on my own is next to impossible and that I should have gastric bypass. *sigh*



Well the good news is that I have kept all the weight off that I lost while I was sick. The bad news is I haven't lost any more weight no matter how hard I tried. I am very frustrated.

Tonight was the season finale of the biggest loser. I was supposed to be on this season. The bad news is I felt a twinge of bitterness and jealousy. The good news is a woman finally won! Go Ali! You look hot!!!

More news: I don't have cancer. The bad news: I have endometerial hyperplasia. I have an increased risk of endometerial cancer. I have to keep going back for biopsies. I have an appointment with an endocrinologist. I hope they can help. I feel like my female parts have betrayed me in so many ways. Why can't they do what they are supposed to do?