Happy Thanksgiving!

Just wanted to pop in really quick and wish you all a happy thanksgiving! More soon, once I have finished digesting all these turkey dinners.


Four Thanksgivings and a Funeral

Everyone knows this is the hardest time of the year to try and lose weight, yet I am trying it again this year. Halloween was easy to get through, sure we had extra treats at the office and my sister wanted to share her candy but I was able to pass it up rather easily. Now, I am looking in to the face of four thanksgiving meals in the next week and I am getting scared. It was been so hard for me to lose weight and I do not want to pedal backwards. I also don’t want to sit on the sidelines and not participate in one of my favorite times of the year. I love everything about it. I love the time with loved ones, the old family recipes, sharing what I am thankful for, setting a beautiful fall table, and of course: the food. Here is the scary T-Day schedule:

Saturday 11/22: My family Thanksgiving (My brother is going to his girlfriends house in NY for thanksgiving so we are having ours early)
Monday 11/24: The office Pot Luck Thanksgiving ( I work for a nutritional company and they are even bring in an organic turkey!)
Thursday 11/27: My Hubby’s Family Thanksgiving (The food is fabulous but there really are not ANY healthy options here!)
Saturday 11/29: Our Friends Thanksgiving (They both have to work Thanksgiving Day at the hospital and they don’t have any family near so they invited their friends.)

(Oh, and the funeral might be for me if I let myself gain weight this holiday season!)

I can see a few ways that I can handle this. I am not sure which way to go yet.

A) I can eat before all these events and skip the food.
B) I can bring my own food to the events and eat with my friends and family but not the food they offer.
C) I can eat just the turkey and veggies at these events.
D) I can eat a very small portion of whatever I want to eat so I feel a part of it.
E) I can eat whatever I want, it is thanksgiving after all!

How do I survive? What do you guys think?


I want the facts, and just the facts!


The link above is to an article I was reading discussing mandating calorie counts on menus at restaurants. The article talks about whether or not it would help fight obesity or people will just eat what they want anyway. I say: WHO CARES, we deserve to have the information and know the truth ether way. Some of us will continue to eat what we like no matter the consequences and some of us will use it as a valuable tool to take control of our healthy and weight when dining out.

I know that eating out is always very hard for me. Unless I get plain grilled chicken or fish with steamed veggies or a garden salad with light dressing it is hard to estimate how many calories a dish has in it. Even when something sounds like a healthier choice, sometimes it is not.

I will be elated if the government makes this a law. Please get us the information we need to make good choices if we want to.


Christmas came early this year!

I have been trying to get in as much exercise as possible. I have been using my beloved elliptical machine twice a day while watching TV. However, I really craved some outdoor time. I hate walking alone and running at my weight is out of the question. Last time I tried it my knees started getting pretty injured.

I was at my parents house a few weeks ago and my little sister was in the front yard riding on her bike. It clicked for me; I used to love riding a bike but hadn’t been on one since high school. My sister had gotten a new bike for her birthday in August and I asked if I could ride around with her on her old bike. She was delighted to have the company and I was delighted to get some exercise that was fun. The only sad part was her bike was too small for me, so it was a little uncomfortable to ride therefore we didn’t go very far. Even so, I rode around a bit every day with her for a couple of weeks.

When I got to my parents house on day after work to ride I went into the garage and saw a brand new bike with a ribbon on it! I turned and saw my mom smiling from ear to ear. “Merry Christmas!” my mom and sister yelled. My mom saw me loving the biking and felt bad the bike was too small so she convinced my dad it was a good idea to get me my own bike and give it to me early.

It is an awesome bike, so comfortable and very well built. At first I was feeling strange about being a 300+ girl on a bike riding through the neighborhood. I have gotten a few stares, but I don’t care. People can get over it. I am sure I do look funny.

I feel blessed my family is so freaking awesome! I have been going on a bike ride almost every evening since I got the bike 2 weeks ago. Hubby pushes me to do intervals on it so I can burn more calories. My parent’s neighborhood is perfect for biking, as it has great scenery and huge bike paths. I want to get up to 20 miles so I can go with my family next year to Shark Valley in the Everglades.

My exercise routine as of now is as follows:

AM Mon-Sat: 30-60 mins on the elliptical.
PM Mon-Thu plus Sat& Sun: Biking 30-60 mins
Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday: Weight Training


Hamster on a Wheel

The other day I was sitting watching my little sister’s hamster. Being that they are nocturnal she sleeps all day and gets up around 8pm. The first thing she does when she wakes up is get in her little wheel and run her little heart out for a while. She will take a break to eat and drink but then it is back to the wheel. She is running about half the time she is awake. I thought it is amazing that she just knows she needs to run, she just has to be active.

You see this with children as well. I see many frazzled parents taking there kids to the playground to get all the excess energy out. It seems they never stop moving and are doing it happily so. If we were born with this drive to move, this drive to be active, where did I lose it? Why do I have to make myself exercise? Why to I have to trick myself into being more active. Shouldn’t I be craving the movement and activity like that child or little hamster. No one has to tell them to get up off the couch and go for a walk.

Where did I lose this drive? Did I drown it in junk food and chemicals? Is it physiological? Is it the desk job I have had for 6 years now? Is it because I would just rather be entertained? After all, we now live in a world of so much technology and toys to distract us. I am sure it is probably a combination of all of them.

As I force myself to exercise every morning and evening, I hope that maybe as I lose weight and continue to eat right maybe, just maybe that drive to be active will return. Then I can say “I get to exercise yay!”


New Course of Action

So, a lot of time has past since I have spoken of what I am doing lately. This is because for a while there I was doing about as well as a dog chasing its own tail.

I got down to 338, painfully slowly. Even though I was doing all the “right” things, such as eating only lower glycemic things, exercising 30 mins every morning, staying under 1600 calories a day, and taking my new meds. According to the numbers I should have easily been losing 2 pounds a week, but aside from the first couple weeks, I lost about .25 or .5 pounds a week. It was very frustrating. When we got back from vacation, despite trying eat as healthy as possible and walking a ton, I gained 3 pounds and was back to 341. DEPRESSING!

I got into a bad mind set and felt like I would never win the weight loss game, so I screwed up and started eating what I wanted for a few weeks. That got me back up to 345. My mom insisted on taking me to a holistic endocrinologist who had studied PCOS. Begrudgingly, I went at the end of October. I didn’t know what else to do. He shared with me that he thinks along with PCOS, many people suffer from Metabolic Resistance. He also said although I am doing the all the right things, I needed to be even stricter with myself because it was going to be tough to reverse some of the issues keeping me fat. He did say weight loss will come but the first couple of months were going to be rough.

It left me wishing for plain old vanilla obesity and not this extra fun version tied to my hormones with a dollop of metabolic resistance on top. A lot of what he told me makes sense, and what have I got to lose? Nothing else was working so I am giving his suggestions a go. Here are the specifics:

1) Eat Organic as much as possible. ($$)
2) Avoid all artificial sweeteners, preservatives, and chemicals. (No more diet soda! Crap!)
3) Avoid Sugar at all costs!! (Do you know how much secret sugar is in everything?!?!?)
4) The only fruit I can eat is berries. (Yum, thank God for this!)
5) I can eat all the vegetables I want, expect starchy ones. (I like veggies, this is cool.)
6) Use organic chicken, organic beef, and wild caught fish as main protein source. (Yum.)
7) Eat Organic Cheese and Diary 2-3 times a week, make sure it is full fat version. (He said full fat diary is more of a whole food.)
8) Increase healthy oils, organic butter, olive oil, coconut oil, avocados, ect. (I already use these, not I must buy the organic versions)
9) Eat 1800- 2000 calories a day. (Done, no problem.)
10) Absolutely no bread, rice, pasta, potatoes, or corn. (I am trying to adapt recipes to make things interesting without having these yummy things.)
11) Exercise 60 – 90 minutes a day. (WOW, this has really changed my schedule. I am going to 60 mins now, 30 in the morning and 30 at night.)

So yes, this has been HARD! I started on Monday October 20th. I lost 7 pounds the first week, and I was back down to 338. I was thrilled. The second week I lost 8 pounds and was in complete heaven. Here is where all the trouble happens. On the Monday of the third week I weighed 330. Today, 10 days later and half way through the 4th week I still weigh 330. I talked to the Doctor about it and he said to keep pushing on through, so that is what I am doing.


The fat girls guide to some of Orlando's Theme Parks 3 1/2

I forgot that we went to Sea World as well. Sea World is mostly animal exhibits so truly anyone can enjoy this park. It is one of my absolute favorites mostly because I am fascinated with marine life.

However, there are two rides there, one is called Journey to Atlantis and the other is called the Kraken. We went on Journey to Atlantis first. The ride is very similar to Splash Mountain at the Magic Kingdom. It had a bench seat built for two but Shawn and I rode as singles on separate rows so we weren't squished. It was really fun. Next we wanted to ride the Kraken. It is a very fast roller coaster with flips, twists, and turns. They had a seat out in front of the ride to see if you can fit. Sadly neither Hubby nor I could fit! My hips were too wide and his chest was to big for the harness. We had to skip it this time, but vowed to ride next year!!


The fat girls guide to some of Orlando's Theme Parks 3 of 3

Water parks are something I very much enjoyed as a child. Living in Florida meant it was water park season all year long. I have many memories of the various times my family and friends spent that day enjoying slides and wave pools. In high school once I started to gain a lot of weight I started to be made fun of for my weight. A classmate asked what I was doing over the weekend and went I told her we were headed to the water park she said “I can’t believe you walk around in a bathing suit looking like that.” I didn’t let her see it but I wanted to cry. I never went to a water park again and in fast all water related activities scared me. I usually would swim in shorts and a t-shirt to avoid being seen in a bathing suit.

When I heard we were going to Aquatica I planned on spending a low profile day clothed in shorts and a shirt pool side while hubby rode the slides I would be to big for. Once I got to the park I saw people of all shapes and sizes sporting all sorts of attire. It made me laugh. I thought about how whether you are fat or thin there are certain things you just shouldn’t wear. I also noticed that some of the “thin” people didn’t look so great and some of the “fat” ones looked just fine. After taking a first dip into the pool I my clothes were so stretched out and uncomfortable I said “Screw it, I am taking it off, and if people don’t like it they don’t have to look.”

My heart sank when we got to the Dolphin Plunge, the one ride I really wanted to go on most, and it had a sign that said the weight limit was 300 pounds. Hubby tried to get me to ride anyway saying “You don’t look over 300, and they are not going to ask your weight.” However I just couldn’t do it. I had thoughts of my enormous weight cracking the tube and them having to shut down the ride. They’d kick me out of the park and put up a sign that said “Dolphin Plunge closed due to a big fat chick breaking it.” My husband rode it and he said it was fun. The claim to fame on this ride is that part of the tube is clear and you slide through the Cameron dolphin tank. He said the ride was so fast you couldn’t even see the dolphins and he rode it twice.

Next we decided to walk over to a group riding, knowing it would have a higher weight limit. There were two rides the Walhalla Wave and HooRoo Run. Walhalla Wave had a weight limit of 800 pounds and HooRoo Run had one of 600 pounds. Hubby and I rode them together and it was fantastic! I felt the thrill of childhood come right back to me and as soon as it was over said, “We have to ride again!”

When we came to the Taumata Racer I knew I would not want to ride it whether I could or not. It was one of those rides that had a long straight down drop. It turns out the weight limit was 300 pounds so I couldn’t have anyway. Hubby rode it three times and loved it. He is the adventurous one.

The last two slides we visited were Tassie’s Twister and Whanau Way. Both slides were for single or double riders. To my delight the weight limit was 400 pounds for both. Tassie’s Twister looked a lot more fun that it actually was. If there is a long line, I recommend you skip it. The Whanau Way slide was our absolute favorite. The whole thing is completely in the dark so you never knew what was coming next. There were many twists and turns as well as a couple drops. This one was fast and really got my adrenaline going. We rode this one three times. We both agreed it was the best ride at the park.

Attractions for anyone of any shape and size to enjoy were: Loggerhead Lane (Slow Lazy River), Roa’s Rapids (Fast Lazy River), Big Surf Shores (Wave Pool), and Walkabout Waters (a water playground).

As far as eating goes at the park, if you plan to stay all day you should buy the 20.00 Banana Beach Cookout Buffet all day pass. Hubby and I ended up eating all three meals there because we came at opening and stayed until closing. We mainly bought it because we looked at the menus and most single dining options were at least 10 bucks plus drinks and that is just for one meal. Besides, hubby and I drink a lot especially when we are walking around. We didn’t want to be buying 3 dollar drinks all day. The breakfast options were: bagels, croissants, pastries, cereal, bananas and yogurt. I had a banana, yogurt, and OJ. For lunch and dinner they had: Grilled Chicken, Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Fruit Salad, Watermelon, Cole Slaw, Pasta Salad, Caesar Salad, Rice, Mac & Cheese, brownies, and pudding. For Lunch I had a hamburger and fruit. For dinner I had chicken, rice, and fruit. Oh okay, I had a brownie too! Fountain drinks were available all day. Milk and Juice were only served in the morning.

It was a very good experience. It got me out of my comfort zone. I had a great anniversary trip. I was able to enjoy much more than I ever thought I could. Honestly, after the fun began, I never thought about my weight once.

The fat girls guide to some of Orlando's Theme Parks 2 of 3

I had mixed feelings about going to Discovery Cove. I wanted to be excited about it. Hubby had arranged it as a surprise. He knows how much I love Dolphins and thought it would be amazing to swim with them for our anniversary. However, my first thoughts were, I have to wear a bathing suit, near other humans?!?!? AHHHHHHHH! I didn’t want to hurt his feels but I had panic attacks every time I thought about it. I mean, people are already rude and disgusted by fully clothed fat people, what would they say when I am walking around half naked?

First I have to say that Discovery Cove is absolutely beautiful. When I walked in I feel like I was instantly transported to a tropical island resort. It is complete with Lush Gardens, beautiful water all around, and a very helpful staff. At check in the randomly assigned you a swim time with the dolphins. Our happen to be the first round (Damn us for being early!) which was at 10am. This meant we needed to rush through breakfast and get into our suits. After check they had an orientation about the park. I guide showed us where everything was and what was included in our day. He then said the dreaded words: everyone who swims in any of our water activities must wear a wet suit or swim vest that they will provide for us. Of course my first thought is: I will never fit into a wet suit. My second thought was: I am going to look like a beached manatee in that thing if I can ever get it over my thighs!

After they give us the spiel about the park rules and such they ushered us over to the lockers where we are assigned a locker and then stood in line for a wet suit. I decided on the wet suit over the swim vest because more of me would be covered. I originally wanted to wear a cover up into the water but it would not have fit over the swim vest. There was now way I wanted my thighs in plain site all day. As my turn approached I was greeted by a friendly girl who handed me a wet suit and said this should be about your size. Then quietly said, if not, come back and I will get you another one. I was happy I didn't have to ask for my size because I didn't know what it would be. I tried on the 2x suit but decided it was too tight. I went back and before I even asked her she had the 3x ready for me. I loved that they were so discreet and kind. I later learned that they had wet suits all the way up to 18x. I never had to worry that one wouldn't fit. The 3x fit fine but was not flattering. The suits were made to cling to your body and keep you warm. It also clung to your rolls and made you embarrassed. However after about an hour in the suit I forgot all about it and just enjoyed my time there.

Once we were done getting our suits on we went to eat breakfast. The breakfast choices they had weren't too healthy. The served cinnamon rolls, Danish, doughnuts, croissants, bagels, and sugary cereal. My saving grace was they did have apples and raisin bran so this is what I picked. Hubby was not so good; he can never resist a cinnamon roll. Before we knew it, it was almost 10am. We rushed off to our dolphin swim.

The Dolphin swim was completely magical. After showing us a 15min video we walked over to the dolphin pool. The water was freezing. I was glad to have the wetsuit. As the dolphin swan up to us, I was in heaven. The beauty and grace these creatures have is amazing. Being up close and personal with them was worth every penny. The first 15 mins we spent petting the dolphin and learning different commands. We were able to give different signals so she would do flips, turns, and more. Next the was the point where you get to go to the deep end of the pool and grab onto the dolphins dorsal fins has she pulls you along. I was afraid I would be too heavy and hurt the dolphin. Of course the trainer asks me to be first. As I grabbed onto the fin and started to get pulled I realized there was no need for worry. She was so strong. My water shoes even feel off in the process because we were going to fast. It was a piece of cake. Next was picture time with the Dolphins and it was over. I could have stayed with them all day. I recommend it to anyone.

The other attractions at the park were a gorgeous man made coral reef complete with sunken pirate ship, an aviary, a lazy river, and a sting ray tank. All of the attractions were perfect for anyone at any size. The lunch options were far healthier than the breakfast ones. I had grilled salmon with veggies and a potato. The other options were: Grilled Chicken, Chicken Caesar Salad, Garden Salad, Chicken Fingers, Mac & Cheese, Hamburgers and Hot Dogs. If you can, definitely wear water shows. If not you can get cut up a little in the coral reef and there are some slippery parts in the lazy river. Also bring an underwater camera.

In the end it was a perfect day in paradise.

The next day we would be headed to Aquatica Water Park.

To be continued...