Four Thanksgivings and a Funeral

Everyone knows this is the hardest time of the year to try and lose weight, yet I am trying it again this year. Halloween was easy to get through, sure we had extra treats at the office and my sister wanted to share her candy but I was able to pass it up rather easily. Now, I am looking in to the face of four thanksgiving meals in the next week and I am getting scared. It was been so hard for me to lose weight and I do not want to pedal backwards. I also don’t want to sit on the sidelines and not participate in one of my favorite times of the year. I love everything about it. I love the time with loved ones, the old family recipes, sharing what I am thankful for, setting a beautiful fall table, and of course: the food. Here is the scary T-Day schedule:

Saturday 11/22: My family Thanksgiving (My brother is going to his girlfriends house in NY for thanksgiving so we are having ours early)
Monday 11/24: The office Pot Luck Thanksgiving ( I work for a nutritional company and they are even bring in an organic turkey!)
Thursday 11/27: My Hubby’s Family Thanksgiving (The food is fabulous but there really are not ANY healthy options here!)
Saturday 11/29: Our Friends Thanksgiving (They both have to work Thanksgiving Day at the hospital and they don’t have any family near so they invited their friends.)

(Oh, and the funeral might be for me if I let myself gain weight this holiday season!)

I can see a few ways that I can handle this. I am not sure which way to go yet.

A) I can eat before all these events and skip the food.
B) I can bring my own food to the events and eat with my friends and family but not the food they offer.
C) I can eat just the turkey and veggies at these events.
D) I can eat a very small portion of whatever I want to eat so I feel a part of it.
E) I can eat whatever I want, it is thanksgiving after all!

How do I survive? What do you guys think?


  1. These are all great ideas! The fact that you've started planning before you go is a good indicator that you're going to succeed in whatever plan you choose to go with. My dad always tells me to picture myself achieving the outcome I want. So, maybe try picturing yourself at each event behaving in the manner that you want (skipping seconds, etc)? It has worked really well for me. Oh! And wear tight pants. ;) That always keeps me from overindulging. Good luck! You're going to do great. :)

  2. I'm going with a C and D combo. Eat mostly the turkey and veggies with small portions of the other more fatty things I really like.

    I only have to attend one Thanksgiving meal though. Four would be tough, although it sounds like the office meal might be an easier one.

  3. I personally would go for option D. Apart from eating in moderation on those days, you could also compensate a little bit before and a bit after. You know what I mean? I don't think I'd be able to deny myself foods like that completely and theoretically, that's not the point of it all, is it? One should be able to enjoy all foods in moderation, right? At least that's what I am aiming for, because I know from past experience that I can't avoid certain foods completely - eventually I'll binge on them if I do.

  4. I guess I would say either option C or D if you have good willpower, which it seems you do. Personally I'm going to aim for option D. I would feel unsatisfied if I didn't partake at least a little bit.

  5. I would also do a combo of c&d. You will feel gyped and possibly resentful, leading to a possible binge it you totally deny yourself. '

    p.s. I see you added your IF struggles to your "about me" section. My heart breaks for you for how long you've been trying with no baby. I know nothing I say can make the journey easier or faster or better but from somebody who has been there (on a diferent scale), just know I am always thinking of you.

  6. i would shoot for turkey & veggies with a small serving of something you really love. i think since you have four, it's the perfect arrangement, actually! maybe have a bit of stuffing at one, some mashed potatoes at another, pumpkine pie at the third and... um, something else at the fourth. but i guess i'm late and you already had one. how'd you do?

  7. I agree with the c and d hybrid. And see if there are ways for you to sneak in extra exercise during those 4 days (even if it's just a "Hey let's walk around the neighborhood and see who has Christmas docorations up already" kind of thing). Most of all, remember that the holiday is NOT about food. It's about being thankful for all the blessings in your life, and getting to spend time with loved ones. Spend less time eating, more time talking and listening!!!