The fat girls guide to some of Orlando's Theme Parks 3 1/2

I forgot that we went to Sea World as well. Sea World is mostly animal exhibits so truly anyone can enjoy this park. It is one of my absolute favorites mostly because I am fascinated with marine life.

However, there are two rides there, one is called Journey to Atlantis and the other is called the Kraken. We went on Journey to Atlantis first. The ride is very similar to Splash Mountain at the Magic Kingdom. It had a bench seat built for two but Shawn and I rode as singles on separate rows so we weren't squished. It was really fun. Next we wanted to ride the Kraken. It is a very fast roller coaster with flips, twists, and turns. They had a seat out in front of the ride to see if you can fit. Sadly neither Hubby nor I could fit! My hips were too wide and his chest was to big for the harness. We had to skip it this time, but vowed to ride next year!!


  1. I've been rading your blog, and I love your Orlando tour. I haven't been on a rollar coaster in 10 years but I am determined this summer I will. I just wish they all had seats you could try out first, lol. That's a cool idea.


  2. Well, at least you got to find out before waiting in line. Being able to ride it next year is a good goal. I had a similar goal when I could barely fit into the Halloween costume I picked up. I vowed I was going to be able to wear it the following year and not bust buttons.

  3. I'm so glad you guys had such a great anniversary trip! And thank you SO much for sharing all the info. about the rides!