Obese and Gorgeous?

Can a woman be both obese and gorgeous? This thought was spurred by a conversation I had with some friends a couple days ago.

Can these two adjectives co-exist in one person or does the obese person with some gorgeous feature(s) have to lose weight before she is truly gorgeous? Have you ever found an obese person gorgeous? Your thoughts? (Oh and if you would mention whether you are obese or not.)


Feeling like a kid again...

For the couple months I have been eating off the kids menu when I go out to eat and I have found it to be very beneficial for the most part. From dine in restaurants to fast food getting the kids meal means smaller portions and smaller prices. I have found I can be satisfied by the the smaller sized portions. Typically the "kid size" portion is the correct portion size for anyone. The adult size portion is usually enough for 2-3 meals depending on what you order and what restaurant it is. I started doing this when I had to go to a business meeting and I just didn't want all that food. I saw that the menu said for kids of all ages so I gave it a whirl. I ordered the kids grilled chicken sandwich with baked beans. The portion was perfect and it was only 3.50 and included my drink! From that point on I payed close attention to all kids menus when eating out.

The Cons:
1) Some places do have age limits, however I have found A LOT of them do not, or will bend the rules.
2) Some restaurants only offer pretty unhealthy foods on the kids menu but many restaurants will substitute the fries for broccoli, coleslaw, or a garden salad. Also, many restaurants are trying harder to offer healthier kids fare.

So, this will not work every time you go out but I would say I do it at least half the time and I am a big fan. Just a tip. I am about to eat my teriyaki kids meal from Pei Wei: Grilled Chicken, Veggies, and Brown Rice in a yummy sauce. Half the price, half the calories, all of what I need for lunch.



Happy 3rd Anniversary to my wonderful husband! I love being married to you!


New Hair = Weight Loss?

I changed my hair for the first time in about 5 years. I had about 8 inches cut off so I must have lost a couple ounces right? The way I see it is getting my hair cut makes me feel good. When I feel good I usually eat better and treat myself better. Also cutting my hair has now made it faster and easier to style therefore I have more time to exercise. So maybe a new do can lead to weight loss. ;-)


My Jeans are tight...

I hate to admit it but its true, I don't understand why! I still don't have a scale that works properly anymore. But my jeans will tell no lies. I have been eating so healthy and walking as much as possible. I guess I really do need to track every bite on Fitday.com again. I wanted to just be normal and eat until I am satisfied but not full. I am ordering a scale from amazon.com today that is an analog. At least if an analog scale is wrong you can still see if you are going up or down. When the digital one I have is screwy the numbers are all over the place. 328 one day...338 the next ect. It was driving me nuts-o! I will be happy to have my correct weight again...no matter what it is. Maybe it will motivate me even more.



Sarah asked about my breakfast smoothies. I usually eat them everyday for breakfast. I have been using Cinch shakes. (http://shop.shaklee.com/product/products/20340) They are very fillings, have protein, fiber, and some carbs. They taste good alone but even better when I add fruit. I usually use the vanilla and add frozen berries and maybe half a banana. The mocha latte flavor is delicious alone. The chocolate is pretty good, I have added strawberries to it once and loved it. So, that's the story on the Breakfast smoothie.

Turkey Loaf

CCC asked me for my turkey load recipe a few weeks ago...I didn't really want to share it because I never measure anything and cook pretty much eyeballing all the ingredients and making up recipes. So...here is what I know but I don't really know how much of each thing. I sometimes have put other veggies in it as well. I use oats instead of bread crumbs to had fiber and make it healthier. It is really good and you don't have to eat much because it is filling. Sorry it is not more specific.

Turkey Loaf-
Ground Turkey
Onions, Green Peppers,mushrooms,carrots, celery and garlic chopped.
1-2 Eggs
Raw Uncooked Oatmeal
A little Worchester Sauce
Salt and Pepper
Bottle of BBQ sauce

Mix ingredients, form into a loaf, pour the BBQ sauce on top...I usually bake it an hour at 350.


Isn't it ironic, don't you think?

I work for a health and wellness company. Yes, its shocking, I am 180 pounds overweight and I am surrounded by health foods, vitamins, supplements, doctors, and nutritionists. What's also funny is my mother is a National Health and Wellness Educator and has spent much of her time studying and teaching nutrition. In fact, I have been involved in the Health field as long as I can remember. My first job while I was in college was at a health food store. I have always been interested in health and nutrition. I love healthy foods. (Downside:I love not so healthy ones also.) I love reading about new science findings in the industry. I love helping people attain better health but I have been unable thus far to achieve this for myself.

I work mostly over the phone with my accounts and I love my job! The stress and anxiety come into play when I have to set up face to face meetings with a couple of my biggest account a few times per year. Of course after getting to know me on over the phone and knowing that I work for a health company I know that have an image in there head as to what I look like and they are completely wrong. Some take the shock much more gracefully that others. No one has been able to hide the surprise completely. Luckily I can still get by with my sparkling personality. By the end of the meeting they are far less concerned with my weight and much more enthralled with me. (Most of the time.) I hate having to go through it time and time again though. I want to feel confident for once as I enter those meetings, knowing I AM the person they envision: A girl worth losing = a thin vision of health and wellness. No matter what industry I was working in I know this would be a challenge but I know I am judged a little more because of where I work. I guess I thought about it today because I have a new meeting next week. What fun.


Real Content Soon, I promise...

This week has been a little crazy with Wednesday off, 4th of July celebrations, watching our friends dog, and being very overwhelmed at work, I've been left with little time to write. Although I did want to post even if it was just a tid bit. Even with the Independence day party I ate healthy and well, but I did drink a little. Oh well.

Today's Menu:
Breakfast: Smoothie & Peach
Snack: Low Fat Organic Chocolate Milk
Lunch: Chicken Pita and Veggies
Snack: Cereal Bar & Strawberries
Dinner:BBQ Chicken
Brown Rice Pilaf
Snack: Popsicle

More tomorrow...