My Jeans are tight...

I hate to admit it but its true, I don't understand why! I still don't have a scale that works properly anymore. But my jeans will tell no lies. I have been eating so healthy and walking as much as possible. I guess I really do need to track every bite on Fitday.com again. I wanted to just be normal and eat until I am satisfied but not full. I am ordering a scale from amazon.com today that is an analog. At least if an analog scale is wrong you can still see if you are going up or down. When the digital one I have is screwy the numbers are all over the place. 328 one day...338 the next ect. It was driving me nuts-o! I will be happy to have my correct weight again...no matter what it is. Maybe it will motivate me even more.

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  1. Okay, I have to ask...did you wash said jeans?

    I'm trying to be optimistic ;)

    I do think tracking what you eat will help. I know when I don't, or when I fail to write something in my food journal, all hell breaks loose.

    At first, I resented it and then it hit me--I'm just not like other people. I will always be a little bit different when it comes to food and I'll always have to be a little more disciplined than the average girl.

    Sucks, but accepting it has helped. Keep at it!!!