Would you rather???

My girlfriends and I were playing a game called would you rather. There are crazy questions, gross questions, thought provoking questions. All in all its a fun game. Its always interesting to hear how people answer the questions. Some example questions:

Would you rather have a head twice your regular size or half your regular size?

Would you rather have a job you love but never make more than 40k a year or a job you hate but make 250k a year.

So while we are playing the game the question comes up:
Would you rather lose feeling in your right hand or loss the sense of taste?

All my friends immediately answered that they would rather lose feeling in their right hand. They went on and on about the things they would never be able to taste again and thought about how horrible it would be.

I felt completely different. Please take my sense of taste. Then I would eat only for nutrition instead of wanting to indulge my taste buds. My weight, my health, my life would be enhanced I feel.

What would you rather?



In honor of the horrid last 6 or so weeks I have had I am asking you all what your most shameful food infatuations are?


Gushers fruit snacks, mostly strawberry splash. They have no nutritional value and I love them and have eaten them by the box... How embarrassing.

What about you guys?


I know, I'm still gone...

Things are crazy and there is so much to blog about, I promise to be back soon.