Would you rather???

My girlfriends and I were playing a game called would you rather. There are crazy questions, gross questions, thought provoking questions. All in all its a fun game. Its always interesting to hear how people answer the questions. Some example questions:

Would you rather have a head twice your regular size or half your regular size?

Would you rather have a job you love but never make more than 40k a year or a job you hate but make 250k a year.

So while we are playing the game the question comes up:
Would you rather lose feeling in your right hand or loss the sense of taste?

All my friends immediately answered that they would rather lose feeling in their right hand. They went on and on about the things they would never be able to taste again and thought about how horrible it would be.

I felt completely different. Please take my sense of taste. Then I would eat only for nutrition instead of wanting to indulge my taste buds. My weight, my health, my life would be enhanced I feel.

What would you rather?


  1. LOL my friends and I play a similar game... only we say "What's the least amount of money you'd take to...." and then you think of something really awful. It's certainly entertaining!

    As far as your question goes... I don't think I'd want to lose feeling in my hand. I'm with you, take my tastebuds, please!

  2. I know exactly that feeling. If it all didn't taste so good I wouldn't want to eat it. I mean think about when you have a cold and can't taste anything, you rarely want to put something in your mouth.

    My immediate response would match yours...but probably after the weight was gone...hmmmm no I still think I would rather lose my taste. :)

  3. Wow. That really IS a thought provoking question! But I would have to agree with you. I would rather lose my sense of taste. That is a purely indulgent sense, don't you think? But my sense of touch in my hand? Heck... I really NEED that!

    Like you said, if I could not taste my food, I probably would not eat all the crap that I do. I would eat for nutrition purposes only. I would be thin and healthier than I am now.

  4. I don't know, taste doesn't really come into it for me. When I am eating bad I eat a lot of food that really doesn't taste all that good if I was being honest with myself.

  5. True John, but even healthy tasty food is bad for you if you are eating too much because it just is so tasty. Without taste you would stop as soon as you weren't hungry anymore.