Posting what I eat, for accountability sake.

Breakfast: Protein Smoothie
Snack: Nectarine (The best one I ever had! Yum!)
Lunch: Tuna Wrap and Salad
Snack: Strawberries & Organic Baked Chili Lime Corn Chips
Dinner: Turkey Loaf, 1/2 sweet potato, asparagus
Snack: Strawberry Whole Fruit Popsicle


Menu for the Day

The grocery trip was a success. None of the junk food committed suicide by jumping into my basket as I rolled by. I stuck to my list completely and feel great about it. This is my menu for today.

Breakfast:Banana and Protein Smoothie
Snack: Baby Carrots and Dressing
Lunch: Turkey Wrap & Salad
Snack: Water Melon
Dinner: Chicken Stir Fry
Snack: Apple


My Grocery List

So....I am trying to get motivated AGAIN to get really serious...I hate that I have not lost but gained the last two months. I was on such a roll before. I truly feel as soon as I realized I was not going to fit into Stacy's bridesmaid dress everything went down hill from there. I kept trying to get back on the horse but my forward flowing momentum was gone. I forget the real reasons I was trying to get as healthy as possible. For myself...not for some dress. For me, my husband, and hopefully one day my future children. So...it may not be a Monday but I am trying to refocus my life today..even on a Wednesday. I want to feel like I did months ago when I was in control and my body was nourished and full of energy.

My Grocery List for this week:

Chicken Breasts


Whole Wheat Wraps

Italian Dressing

Ground Turkey


Chili Beans



Feta Cheese

String Cheese


Cottage Cheese














Ezekiel Bread

Omega-3 Eggs

Whole Fruit Popsicles (Dessert is my vice!)

Olive Oil

Sweet Potato

Organic Skim Milk

I don't want to eat anything else but these foods all week. I want to have planned meals and feel great. If anyone of you have some tried and true healthy meal ideas for lunch (I have to bring it to the office) or dinner please share. I am having smoothies for breakfast. Off to the market I go...


I've been tagged?

I didn't even know what being tagged was, but I guess I have been tagged my the lovely Mrs. Sarah. So, here we go...

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Weighing in with my .02
A Girl Worth Losing

What were you doing 10 years ago? I was a junior in high school. I was loving life as I had recently lost 80 pounds and was the thinnest I had ever been in my adult life. (When I say adult life I mean anytime after I was my full height of 5'7'' which was 14. And yes my whole life has been a weight loss roller coaster) I was very involved in music (singing and playing the piano) and acting. I thought I would be a Broadway super star. I can't believe next year will be my 10 year high school reunion will be here so quickly!

What were you doing 1 year ago? My life a year ago was very similar to how it is now. Exactly a year ago I was in Tennessee with my best friends in the world getting ready for my friend's wedding. We stayed at a lake house all week and it was fantastic. Beautiful scenery, perfect blue water, and your best friends? How could it get any better?

Five Snacks You Enjoy
1.) Crackers and Brie2.) Chips and Salsa
3.) Ice cream
4.) Fruit Salad (Homemade, yum!)
5.) Veggies and Spinach Dip

Five Songs That You Know All The Lyrics To (I am unconventional when it comes to music.)1.) Cannonball - Damien Rice
2.) I want you to be my love - Over the Rhine

3.) Quiet - Rachael Yamagata
4.) Any Rosie Thomas songs...I love her!
5.) Fidelity - Regina Spector

Five Things You Would Do If You Were a Millionaire (I'm assuming by millionaire we mean multi-millions)
1.) Have a mountain home (CO), a beach house (FL), and a new york city loft.
2.) Pursue my passions...music and investing and traveling.
3.) Adopt children.
4.) Give to our favorite charity's
5.) Help our parents have the best retirement ever.

Five Bad Habits
1.) Not doing laundry or dishes until I have no clean cups or underwear.
2.) Not having my cell phone with me...ever.
3.) Calling people back, I stink at it much to my friends dismay...I am getting better.
4.) Some say I am a little overly frugal...he he

5.) Forgetting to take my vitamins.

Five Things You Like To Do
1.) Sing....I love it, I am pretty good, and I just don't get enough time for it.
2.) Photography.
3.) Be outside, especially at the beach, or playing in the snow. Extreme opposites I know. 4.) Watch good movies.
5.) Spend time with family and friends.

Five Things You Would Never Wear Again
1.) a perm.
2.) anything with shoulder pads.
3.) big hair

4.) stilettos
5.) black nail polish...yeah, I tried to be goth.

Five Favorite Toys
1.) I-POD
2.) My Bike

3.) Silly Putty (Why is it so fun!)
4.) Photo shop
5.) My camera

I am tagging:I am not sure I should tag anyone, but I would love to hear any one's answers.


Pyschology of Thin

You know, I truly feel a huge road block for me is my brain. As much as I focus on weight loss and healthy living I still can not truly believe these things will ever happen to me. When you have been over weight for most of your life you begin to wonder if it is even possible for me to be normal. It certainly doesn't help my reasoning when I see some of my friends who are thin eat like horses and never gain any weight. If they no matter what they do they stay thin, then maybe no matter what I do I will always be the fat girl. After all, I have had so many failed attempts in the past and I am struggling like mad right now. It's hard to stay positive and truly believe you can do when you have been fighting like hell for over a decade. A part of my brain says" You know you are fat, you will always be fat, so go ahead and just enjoy life pudgy!" It takes a lot of work for me to tune her out and even then she never goes away. She is always in the back of my mind pulling me under, trying to drown me. I wonder if she is right and if she will ever go away.


Monday Weigh In: I honestly don't know

My scale is broken again. It gives me random weights when I step on it ranging from 320 -340...so since I know this isn't right it is very frustrating...this is the second time this has happened to me, it makes me wonderful if I am just to fat for a scale OR if they fact that I have no room for a scale and it is moved a lot has anything to do with it. I don't think I have lost or gained any weight though. Things have been insanely busy and I doubt it will get any better because I am leaving for the Key's on Thursday and will not be back until Tuesday. I am excited to get away though. I will definitely post a picture when I get back. It will be hard to avoid booze and delicious food while on vacation but I am buying a lot of fruits and veggies to hopefully fill me up and minimize damage. Also we will be walking, swimming, and riding bikes, so I will be very active. Anyway, have a nice week...see you when I return!


Dieting on the Cheap

I have written in the past on how "dieting" and being fat can be expensive but I was thinking about the flip side today and realizing that diets do not have to be expensive at all. You hear people all the time saying how expensive losing weight is and how Americans have spent millions and millions on diets. It doesn't have to be this way. Being Fat is actually expensive for a variety of reason I outlined in another post but losing weight can be cheap. I find I spend less money when I am trying to loss weight.

1) I buy less food at the grocery store. I try and buy just what I need for our 3 meals and 2 snacks a day. I am not lured but expensive pre packaged food that has no nutritional value. I do not buy snack type food that I much on mindlessly. My actual grocery bill has gone down about 15-50 bucks a week since we have cleaned up our eating habits. That is a big deal.

2) We eat less food. Food is actually lasting as long as it is supposed to. Instead of the cereal lasting for only 4 servings, it lasts all 12 like it is supposed to.

3) We go out less and when we do go out we can often share a meal or make the one large portioned meal into two regular portioned meals. We do not order appetizers, dessert or alcohol.

4) We end up wanting to be more active and do many free things for entertainment such as: swimming, hiking, nature walks, jogging, roller blading, taking Sadie on walks, ect.

5) When we do spend money on an outing it is not linked to food so we save. Example: Going to the movies does not mean buying over priced snacks, or going bowling does not mean ordering pizza and beer.

6) We try and just drink water which is cheap and sometimes free.

So, for us....it is actually cheaper for us to be living right. I guess will all that fiber from the fruits and veggies we do spend a bit more on toilet paper. :-)


Monday Weigh In: BLAH!

I went to a pot luck and two birthday parties last week. Enough said.

My schedule the next couple months is out of control busy. I am so stressed. There is never enough time. My husband upset me because he says I am just not managing my time properly but honestly I don't know how I can any better. If I get up any earlier I will be getting less than 7 hours of sleep (which I don't do well on.) If I go to bed any earlier I will have to skip many important tasks and my house will be pretty darn messy. There has actually been a lot of stress in my personal life too and I feel I am letting a lot of my friends down which kills me. So, that is where I am right now.


Summer in the City

I have heard a lot of people talk about having to resist the urge to curl up with a blanket, hot cocoa and a good book all winter long instead of exercising. I am sure the urge to "hibernate" is strong during that time. Here in good old Florida there really is no real winter. In fact winter is when we have the best weather of the year. People often think of Florida as having wonderful weather all year. But in the heat of summer I have to resist the urge to strip down naked, lay down in the lounge chair, turn the flan on high and drink pink lemonade all day. Today was the first day I felt this way since last September. It's about 94 degrees today but the heat index says it feels like 98 degrees and it does! Anyone who has been to Florida knows that it is not just the heat but the humidity. It's so sticky that as soon as I leave for work I wonder why I even showered. I feel like I need another shower almost immediately. This definitely discourages exercise. I have been wondering if I should possibly take up swimming again as one form of exercise so I could actually look forward to it. Membership to the country club pool is a bit pricey though. I took water aerobics last year during the summer and loved it. My mom paid for the classes as my birthday gift. I may look into that again. I am also thinking about getting up earlier so maybe I can beat the heat before the sun comes up. I'll have to let you know how it works out. Now if I can just kick this craving for nice cool refreshing ice cream every night the summer may go by with out a hitch.


Monday Weigh In: 338

I have been exercising like a champ, but my eating has been tough to control. I have been so hungry. I have been eating so healthy though. I think I need to go back to drinking my cinch shakes. I was never hungry then, but I got bored.


What about in your neck of the woods?

My mom's friend made an interesting comment the other day. She just moved from Miami to the Mid-West a couple months ago. She called my mom and said "You know, your daughter would fit right in up here." Yes, the comment was a little offensive but it got me thinking. She said in the places she has been up there a many of the women have been over weight. Not just the older women, but all of them, even a lot of the teens. She did say that they seemed to be less concerned about there appearance in general. (Keep in mind, she was not saying they were ugly or unkempt just that it was so different from South Florida where most of the women dress to the nine for the grocery store. Everything is about designer labels. Everywhere you look you see over made, fake tanned, fake boobed thin girls.) I began to wonder if I truly would have fit in better over there. I have been in south Florida my whole life and the pressure to look good to have any value has been pushed down my throat always. I tended to think that the whole country was the same. I felt we all read the same magazines and watch the same media so we must all be affected. Do you think being heavy is more acceptable in some parts of the US? I would love to hear views from people all over the country.


Corporate Hell

Layoff's at work again. This is the 4th time since I have been here. It depresses me. I usually would cope with food. Hubby and I plan to go to the gym after work. I hope my friends who were let go can find work they love fast. So sad.