Corporate Hell

Layoff's at work again. This is the 4th time since I have been here. It depresses me. I usually would cope with food. Hubby and I plan to go to the gym after work. I hope my friends who were let go can find work they love fast. So sad.


  1. It is going around!

    We had a round at my office recently and I swear, there's a "goodbye cake" every other day for someone who is leaving.

    It used to be the office cake parties were for birthdays; now we see cake and think "Oh no! Who's leaving now?"

    It's sad for sure!

    But good for you for channeling your upset-ness (I know, not a word!) into a workout! Way to make something positive happen!

    Good luck as you continue your journey!

  2. The pretty much cleared out the whole second floor in our building. It's so sad when we're constantly getting corporate e mails about how well the company is doing, how much money this is making, the launching of this or that and then people are still being made redundant.

    Glad you're coping in a positive way!