My Grocery List

So....I am trying to get motivated AGAIN to get really serious...I hate that I have not lost but gained the last two months. I was on such a roll before. I truly feel as soon as I realized I was not going to fit into Stacy's bridesmaid dress everything went down hill from there. I kept trying to get back on the horse but my forward flowing momentum was gone. I forget the real reasons I was trying to get as healthy as possible. For myself...not for some dress. For me, my husband, and hopefully one day my future children. So...it may not be a Monday but I am trying to refocus my life today..even on a Wednesday. I want to feel like I did months ago when I was in control and my body was nourished and full of energy.

My Grocery List for this week:

Chicken Breasts


Whole Wheat Wraps

Italian Dressing

Ground Turkey


Chili Beans



Feta Cheese

String Cheese


Cottage Cheese














Ezekiel Bread

Omega-3 Eggs

Whole Fruit Popsicles (Dessert is my vice!)

Olive Oil

Sweet Potato

Organic Skim Milk

I don't want to eat anything else but these foods all week. I want to have planned meals and feel great. If anyone of you have some tried and true healthy meal ideas for lunch (I have to bring it to the office) or dinner please share. I am having smoothies for breakfast. Off to the market I go...


  1. I think that's a pretty darn good list! Go into the store determined to get just that and you'll be golden!

    If I look hard enough, I think I can see the ingredients for a pretty good, pretty filling, darn good healthy turkey chili in there ;)

    You might also want to pick up the new issue of Self Recipes...I saw it yesterday while at the store and it's chock full of healthy, yummy recipes to try...

    Keep pushing through!

  2. I know you'll make it to your goal...don't get down on yourself. Even thin people have bad months. I know this because my mom is ridiculously thin but even she has months where she gains and then struggles to lose it again.

    My reccommendation for your lunch-veggie sandwiches. Whole grain, low cal bread with light cream cheese spread on, topped with cut up veggies, whatever you choose. I like to put cucumber, red peppers, purple onions, fresh cilantro, and tomato. Sprinkle on a little salt and pepper and it makes a delicious sandwich!

    I also love Black Bean Veggie Burgers, two of those made a great lunch for me when I worked an 8-5. I can't remember the brand, but they come in a green box.

    I hope you start feeling up soon!

    Take care,

  3. My favorite lunch and supper that we've been hooked on it embarrassingly easy, filling and so super yummy. I cut up one whole cucumber, 12-15 quartered Roma tomatoes (they're the small plum shaped ones about the size of a cherry tomato), some cubed feta cheese (easy on the cheese) and a small white onion (or whatever onionkind you like). I throw it in a bowl and drizzle a dressing over that I make from 1 tablespoonful of Olive Pesto and maybe a teaspoonful of olive oil (to thin the pesto out so you have to play with it). Mix the veggies and the dressing all up and voila! We split it between the two of us (Marco usually gets a bit more than I do) and it's a great lunch and a side to a nice piece of fish or chicken.

  4. Hey you! What an AWESOME list! Keep eating those yummy healthy foods...and you'll see weight loss, I'm sure!