Pyschology of Thin

You know, I truly feel a huge road block for me is my brain. As much as I focus on weight loss and healthy living I still can not truly believe these things will ever happen to me. When you have been over weight for most of your life you begin to wonder if it is even possible for me to be normal. It certainly doesn't help my reasoning when I see some of my friends who are thin eat like horses and never gain any weight. If they no matter what they do they stay thin, then maybe no matter what I do I will always be the fat girl. After all, I have had so many failed attempts in the past and I am struggling like mad right now. It's hard to stay positive and truly believe you can do when you have been fighting like hell for over a decade. A part of my brain says" You know you are fat, you will always be fat, so go ahead and just enjoy life pudgy!" It takes a lot of work for me to tune her out and even then she never goes away. She is always in the back of my mind pulling me under, trying to drown me. I wonder if she is right and if she will ever go away.


  1. I am here to tell you she is SO WRONG! You have the power to change your body and you're doing it! Don't give into that line of thinking. It wrong, it's backwards and it's self defeating.

    I know you know you can do it. If anything, I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT!

    (GOD I wish you would just read the book!)

  2. I could not have been more thrilled than I was when I read your comment on my blog. I'm only your cheerleader because I really do believe you can do this. We share so many similarities and I know and understand how you feel. I'm SO GLAD BEYOND WORDS that you're going to read the book. You'll recognize yourself in it so quickly that you'll wonder why you didn't pick it up soon.

    I'm really happy for you!

  3. "She" is NOT right. You keep tuning her out, and keep trucking on. Show her who the boss is, and let her know you are letting anyone (including yourself) take away your hopes and dreams. I fight with that part of me all the time. She waits for my trigger moments and pounces on me full throttle. I know the battle. I've let her win in the past, and I am determined not to let her win this time. You can do this, you CAN do this!

  4. "When you have been over weight for most of your life you begin to wonder if it is even possible for me to be normal."

    I think this is normal and it's with me at all times. The mind, she is a powerful thing.

  5. Í've been checking back to see how you're doing. I'm assuming you haven't had time to post because you're knee deep into "the book" and can't pull yourself away from it's brilliance! LOL

  6. TAG! You're IT! see my blog for more info.