Moving on from defeat...

Well, January certainly turned out exactly the opposite of what I planned. I thought I had successfully gotten through the holiday season and I was home free. It’s easy to live healthy in January isn’t it? Well after you throw in a construction project, and horrible car accident, and a hand full of other stresses between work and home what do you get: a derailed lifestyle plan!! It makes me sad that I was derailed mostly because life can be stressful, and I wanted to make sure I did not deal with the stress via food. However once everything got out of control I used it as an excuse to eat comfort foods. Once I was off track for a week, I avoided the scale like the plague just knowing I had gained all my weight back.

I tried to restart a couple times during the month, but I failed every time. Lack of will power and lack of preparation defeated me.

Today is the first time I have stepped on the scale since early January. I was shocked by what I saw. I was exactly the same weight I was when I last checked. I was happy, even though I knew the scale was only telling a half truth. I may have been the same weight but I know I did gain some fat and lose some muscle. My body does not feel the same at all and my clothes are a little tighter. I am still more grateful than ever not to have to lose the same blasted pounds twice. I have done that too many times in my weight loss history.

I have my exercise and eating planned for the week just like I used to. I am back to logging my foods. I have my house stocked full of the good stuff and chucked any junk we had laying around. I banished the diet soda again. (I was so proud to have been off that crap for months, and then I blew it) At this point I will be elated to even lose one pound this week. After 3 weeks of bad behavior I know my body will rebel against weight loss. I am also sure I will go through detoxification again, which I hate! It’s the headaches that kill me the most. Advil here I come!

So, January started off pretty badly, but thankfully it is ending on a sweeter note.


Flipped upside down...

Isn't January the month when everyone pulls it together? Why did I fall apart...more soon.


Out of Control

Life is a little out of control right now, right after Christmas we started a little construction project at our home which turned into a nightmare. Then on Sunday night my husband was in a bad car accident. He will be okay, thank God, but it has left me a little out of control. My scale is lost in construction dust and my kitchen is not usable because everything from my family room and guest bathroom is in the kitchen. I have been making the wisest choices possible but stress has gotten the best of me a few times and my exercise schedule is toast. I should have a new vehicle for my husband and my insurance battles won by Friday. Construction is slated to be done on Sunday. I look forward to being completely back on track on Monday 1-12-08. Until then, I am doing my best. Happy New Year to you all!