The Scare

Well, I was being private about this at first but I think I am ready to share now. I got some bad news at the Doctor last month and it threw me into a deep depression. I just felt like I wasn't getting any where with my weight loss, I wasn't getting anywhere with my fertility, and now I hear news that I have another issue to battle. It seems the lining of my uterus is doesn't look quite right and they are concerned I have cancer or pre-cancer. They believe that this stems from my hormonal imbalances. I have been unable to stop thinking about this. I have allowed it to consume me. I have my biopsy next week and am praying that I will get good news. Even if I don't have cancer now, if they can't get my hormones into balance I will always have an increased risk of all female cancers. One of the ways to get my hormones in balance is to loss weight because the extra fat means extra estrogen. Although the hormone imbalance also makes it harder to lose weight. I have unfortunately turned to food way too many times in the last month for comfort. I have gained 3 pounds in the last 4 weeks.


  1. Are they telling you that your endometrial lining is thickened? I have heard that for years... biopsy after biopsy and no cancer. Yes, I also have hormonal imbalances... and yes, they can be caused by our weight. Relax. Focus on your diet. Everything else will fall into place. I know that's hard right now, but take it from someone who's been there for a few years now.

    The important thing is to keep up with annual exams or ultrasounds to make sure that you don't develop cancer. An increased risk doesn't make it a certainty... things may start improving the more weight you loose.

    chin up. keep hope... and I'm sending my best wishes and thoughts your way ((hug))

  2. Sorry to hear that - cross fingers that the results come back ok. Take care :)

  3. I'm so sorry to hear things have been so difficult. I realise this is much easier sad than done, but try and keep yourself busy and focus on other things while waiting on the biopsy, things may not be as bad as you're thinking.

    Maybe have a set activity you can do when you feel your thoughts overwhelming you? Get outside with a camera and go for a walk, see what pictures you find. Even exercise, it releases endorphins that would make you feel happier, and you would have the knowledge that you're doing something that will help, which would make you feel more in control.

    Please keep us updated if you feel you can, but I understand sometimes there are things that you don't feel you want to share.

  4. We are all here for you chica. I will keep everything possible crossed that the doctors get you righted.

    I know it's scary, but there is so much that modern medicine can do these days, have faith in your docs and take care of yourself.

    Sending good karma your way...

  5. How awful for you to go through this...I hope your results will come back ok!! Don't lose hope!

  6. I've been MIA for a while now but man was I surprised to read this. I am so sorry you're dealing with this sort of scare. I hope you get good news. Fingers crossed for you! I'll be thinking about you.

  7. Sorry I also wanted to say that I know what you mean about turning to food for comfort. It seems like when everything logical would tell you "stop eating, get your weight under control, this is serious" (like infertilty and a cancer scare) it seems to thrust you deeper into your food obsession rather than going the opposite way. Have you thought about seeking some sort of help for your issues with food? I'm not talking about a nutritionalist but maybe a councelor? Dr. Phil's book was enough for me but he only wrote it because he counceled so many people who struggled with their weight. Surely there is somebody who can help you in your area? Just a thought.