Monday Weigh In: I have no freaking clue!

Its not Monday and I did not weigh myself this week. Things in my life have been crazy, I haven't been eating right, I haven't been exercising, and I have been completely focused on everything but myself and my weight loss. Its not pretty but thats the truth.

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  1. Please dont give up! You have done so well thusfar. You knew going in that there would be days (weeks even) like this so now you just have to choose what you do about it. You can say "it's too hard" and throw in the towel or you can keep on going even though you don't feel like it. Please don't choose to stay over weight and unhealthy.

    Sometimes I don't feel like going to work but I do because... well I have to. Try to think the same way about your exercise. You don't feel like it but you have to.

    I don't want you to give up. I'm really pulling for you. Even if you've had a bad week or few weeks or whatever you can get back on track. You said it when you named this blog... you're a girl worth losing.

    (and this is another point in which I would like to hope you have read Dr. Phil's book as you seem to be emotionally beating yourself up, but I promised I wouldn't shove that down your throat but had to mention it)