Kitchen before picture! It was awful!

Stained laminate cream counter tops and back splash. All of our appliances were mismatched. Fake wood particle board cabinets that were falling apart. Ugly border and ceiling fan. Peel and stick "tile". Yuck! After pictures coming so soon!

Everything has taken longer than expected and we are actually still finishing up the new back splash today. Cooking healthy is even more fun when you have a kitchen you love to be in and that actually works properly!


  1. Oh and do I agree with that - we have absolutely no kitchen to speak of (your old kitchen was way, way better than ours is now) and I just really HATE cooking in there. Looking forward to the after pics!

  2. Oh Lassie, you poor dear! I feel your pain!

    I think the picture doesn't do the kitchen justice. It was completely falling apart.

  3. I can't wait to see the after picture. ;)