Thank you for so many sweet comments and emails about the failed adoption. It was rough but we learned a lot in the process. We have renewed hope and continue to pursue adoption. I am certain there will be good news in the future.

In other news, some of my old pants fit! It came at just the right time too. I am was down to only one pair of pants. Now I have 3-4 I can wear. Some of them are tight, but they loosen up during the day. Pretty soon I will be able to wear a bunch of my old clothes from when I lost weight last year. I can't wait!

I went on my longest bike ride to date. We biked on Saturday for 2 hours and 5 mins. I am super sore but I love it. I wanted to quit at 1.5 hours but I figured if my 51 year old mama can do it, so can I! Thanks for the inspiration Mom! We are trying to build up to 3 hours so we can do a biking trail in the everglades that my parents did when I was a little kid and strapped to the back of her bike. We are thinking the fall will be a nice time to go.

Okay, I am so bad. I still have not set up my Body Bugg. I have had people ask how I like it, and the reason I have not responded is because I am ashamed I haven't used it yet. I am planning on doing it in the next week. (I hope.) I truly am so curious to see what it says about my calorie burn.

I will be gone until next Monday. I am leaving Thursday morning for a friends wedding in Orlando. Excited for the wedding, a little nervous about how this will affect my food choices. We will be eating out for almost every meal while we are there and I am not sure I will have much time for exercise. I am going to bring some long lasting fruit like apples and maybe some other non-perishable snacks like walnuts so I can substitute things if I have to. I will not be drinking an alcohol. I have already volunteered to be the Designated Driver. I'll let you know how it goes.


  1. What a great goal to work towards with the bike ! I would imagine a ride like that would be beautiful in the fall. The cooler temps make it a lot easier to do many physical things. And hooray for more pants options ! I an discovering just about all of my wardrobe is too big of late and I am going to have to buckle down and shop fo some new summer clothes. I like the smaller size but really hate clothes shopping because of a very long torso and short legs !

  2. I think a bike ride would be cool, especially if I could do it with my mother. I wonder if she would. Huh I am going to call her.

    Oh yes and it is terrific about the pants, you are getting there.

  3. Have fun girl. If you are worried about eating out maybe you can pack a cooler with fruits, veggies, yogurt and eat out 1 meal a day.

  4. A cooler is a great idea. I can just keep refilling it with ice. Every hotel has an ice machine right?!? :-)