I've been on diets since I was 14!

My mom and I were talking last night about all the different diets I have tried. I just thought this was an interesting diet time line.

1994: Jenny Craig
1995: Very Low Fat (Almost fat free, yikes!)
1996: Phen Fen (So glad I was only on it 3 months!!)
1997: 1000 calories a day (What was I thinking?!?! I lived on rice cakes and celery.)
1998: Ton-o-Exercise (Too bad I wasn't eating right.)
1999: Weight Watchers
2000: Vegetarian
2001: Atkins (It is hilarious to me that I went from Veggie to Atkins!)
2002: Personal Trainer (She gave me her own diet plan)
2003: Jenny Craig (This was before my wedding, I had to try one more time.)
2004: South Beach Diet (Right after my wedding. I got married in a size 24 dress.)
2005: Atkins (Just couldn't let it go, I just knew carbs were the enemy)
2006: Green Tea Diet (At least green tea has antioxidants
2007: Plan Calorie Counting (But I still wasn't always eating healthy)
2008: My Naturopath's Diet Plan
2009: My Endocrinologist's diet plan
2010: Balanced and Healthy Lifestyle. (This time, it is sticking with me forever!)

This is not even a complete list, since some years I was on more than one plan! After a decade and a half of dieting, I know that diets do not work. I lost weight on every single one of these diets. But, I never learned how to keep it off and the diets were not something I could live with forever. No more rules, no more diets! I am just focusing on nourishing my body with healthy foods whenever possible. Moving more, making sure my portions are in check. I am getting healthy! I am not on another diet.


  1. i recently figured out that i'd been on diets for 2/3 of my life... actually, that was two years ago, so more than that now!

  2. Isn't it amazing how many things we will try? It really is a matter of distilling bits from all those plans to make a personalized one that works for you.

  3. I hear you girl. Diets suck, it has to be a way of life.

  4. a similar list is what actually made me reach out for help, because it is so obvious to me that I cannot do this on my own. We both know what foods are good for us and what foods are not healthy, right? We can't beat this weight monster because it's mental game, as let's face it, in the world of "dieting" and weight loss, we're mentally challenged! I decided I don't want to be 40 and still trying to figure it out, or 50 and still trying to lose weight. I want to do it NOW. I'm hoping this psychologist can help me work through my food demons and set me on the right track in the mental game because if I can conquer that, then it's in the bag baby!

  5. Your list looks similar to mine. Too bad for me that when I look at this I can see how desperate I have been to become healthy. I think this go around I was just starting to accept the failure and opted for no plan and no accountability. Thanks to Medifast, I can see a light at the end of the tunnel. I only hope this isn't yet another diet I add to my list. Good luck my co-friend at living the dream!