I am neglecting myself, I know I am. I am still 314 for the second week. There is no mystery as to why. I haven't been able to work out and my meals have been on the fly, although still as healthy as possible.

I have some big projects going on at work, my friends bridal shower this weekend which I am planning and my mother's 50th birthday party next weekend which I am planning, and my best friend in the whole world Faith is coming for a 4 day visit with her 8 month old baby ethan next weekend. So, I know I am not putting myself first right now but I don't see anyway around it. However I still wanted to check in.

How are all of you doing?


  1. Life can overwhelm us all. Be happy you haven't gained. You'll get back on track soon enough. Stay strong!

  2. At least you can pinpoint the reasons it's happening and you're still being honest on your blog. I find when things are going really badly I avoid it all together. Try to check in a bit more if you can, it may help you stay on track.

  3. Hi! I just stumbled onto your blog, and see we have some things in common, I also have PCOS! One of the reasons I'm losing weight is so that we can have kids some day.

    I'm also plateaud I'm trying to stay positive with the thinking that plateau is better than gaining!

  4. Great job just staying even. While I was on vacation to Orlando gained almost 2.8 pounds and I was really trying hard to eat well. I just had to regroup and start back again.

  5. Hang in there. Losing weight is never linear, and there will be a lot of times when the scale doesn't do what you think it should be doing.

    Just know if you are moving and eating right, results will come.

  6. I found your blog today and wanted to say hang in there. I'm sure you'll come out on top! Keep up the good work!

  7. Hi, like Kerstin, just found your blog and wanted to add my 2 cents!

    It's never easy but the one thing I've learned...is this is forever. This is a lifetime of being healthy and its never going to get easier. Its been 1.5 years for me, I've lost 90lbs and I'm still struggling every flippin day. I have to find what works for me, and what I can sustain.

    I'm so excited for you! That you are on the track to being healthy! WAHOO!!!!!

  8. I agree, glad that you can pinpoint the reasons for your difficulties now. Just continue trying to make the healthiest choices possible given the constraints you have right now. You are still headed in the right direction and I know you'll be back on the "losing" train soon.

  9. Hi Jem,
    I have PCOS too, and I've never been able to lose an ounce. Not trying to drag you down, it's just my story.
    But I'll tell you, what a friend told me one day, that changed my life. I was struggling with choosing to work out, because it never "worked". My dear friend told me that we make time in our lives to brush our teeth, shower, put on make up, eat, all the things we need to do to take care of ourselves - why should working out be any different?
    Another thing I have begun to shed is my perfectionism regarding working out. I figured that if I couldn't work out for a whole hour, it wasn't worth even getting started. But the Truth is, that even if all you can do is a 15 minute walk, you've still done more than nothing - and that IS enough to raise your metabolism.
    It's wonderful that you're doing so many wonderful things for the people you love - but I think they'd rather their parties and showers were one hour less perfect, so they might be able to have YOU for that much more time.
    One more thing - think of working out like preparing your home (or a party) for a guest you will have. You get out the good towels and linens, make sure the bathroom is clean - do all kinds of work to make sure they feel welcomed and loved. Exercise is doing all those things for the wonderful woman who will live in your body in the future.
    Can I get an Amen?