Moxie: Where have you been all my life???

So, I haven't been around lately. Things have been busy and I sure am missing having a computer at home. I think if I don't get one for Christmas I may have to break down and buy one. I took for granted everything I used it for. I am barely function at home without one. Is that sad?

Update: Moxie (my new Precor Elliptical Machine) is AMAZING. Even though she was expensive I can firmly say she is worth every penny and more. It has been so convenient to have an exercise machine at my disposal at all time. The frame is sturdy and it is so comfortable to work out on. I have tried a lot of cheaper ellipticals that just do not cut it. Being a bigger girl I do not want to use something that I feel I may break. I have been doing the interval training I have heard so much about. I go as fast as I can for one minute and then at a normal speed for 2-3 mins, then as fast as I can for 1 minute again. I have heard this burning More calories even at rest.
I started with good intentions of doing it twice a day for at least an house....but most days I have only used it once. I am hoping I can work up to twice a day.
Hubby has been using it everyday as well and he loves it too, which is awesome since he never likes any cardio. It definitely helps to have a TV in the work out room. It take my mind off the actually work I am putting in and helps me go longer.
Eating hasn't been as hot...I am not doing badly but I am not saying "no" to the seasonal yummies flying around.
I spoke to my personal trainer for the first time on Sunday. She sounded great and I look forward to meeting her next week for our first session. I told her I wanted to start after the first of the year but she just wouldn't have it saying "Why wait until the first of the year when you can be 10 pounds lighter by 2008." I can already tell she is very encouraging and positive. She has asked me to log all my food until we meet so we can go over it. This what I dread most, someone judging my diet. However, when I was looking over what I eat each day it isn't that bad. I love fruits and veggies...I just need to cut sweets, and cut portions. I do however look very forward to learning new exercises from her. I am a little nervous about her being shocked about my size. I feel I am quite shocking. Is she picturing a normal girl with 30 pounds to lose?!?!?! I will fill you in on all that next week.


  1. She sounds nice and she sounds like she likes her job which is important.

    I never log my food either because I don't even want to know and by not writing I can pretend I'm not eating. I love the way I try to trick myself.

  2. I've been thinking of getting some equipment for home as well... if it's in front of the TV, I think I'd use it a lot ;)

  3. Your personal trainer comments have me thinking too...why wait?

  4. She is right...why wait? That is what I told myself tonight, when I created this blog.

    We've waited too long!

  5. Dont' think of her judging your diet as her thinking "oh my God look at how much work we have" but more like "hey, you're doing well on these points but can use some adjustments HERE". She's not the enemy and I'm sure you're not the first un-thin person she's worked with. She's there for you, to be your support and guide, she's on your side! Don't be so self conscious, you're going to be doing great!

  6. Your trainer makes a good point... Good for you for making time to exercise!