Where did I go?

This was my blog for years and chronicles many of my weight loss attempts and other life events. I stopped blogging and shut down the site once I was picked for Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition on ABC. I decided I wanted to reopen the blog because I wanted to be able to keep the real life history of my journey before the show.

I will return to blogging again soon here: www.jacquimccoy.com. You can follow my current life adventures here: www.facebook.com/jacquimccoyemwle

I am also on twitter: https://twitter.com/JacquiBelieves and on 
instagram: http://instagram.com/jacquimccoy

I hope you all are doing well! So many of you were so supportive and helpful during my weight loss struggles. Thank you for being a part of my life! <3 div="">

Joy & Health,
Jacqui McCoy

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