A cool tool...

I found this great weight loss tool on....its not a shake, an exercise gadget or a pill....its a website called www.weightview.com You can send in a picture of yourself and let them know you want to lose 5, 10, or 20 plus pounds and they will send your picture back showing what you may look like after you lose the weight. It is awesome as a motivator and for the very curious. I realize if you are already a pro at photo shop you can do this your self but for people like me its an wonderful FREE service. Check it out.


  1. That's pretty cool.

    Have you ever checked out the website www.mvm.com. If you go there and follow the links they have a weight loss comparasion aid. You can plug in your weight now and what you want it to be and it will show you the difference (I have my vitual models on my blog).

  2. Came across your blog this morning....LOVE IT!!

  3. I think i will try this when I get home tonight it sounds interesting I think i need to learn all about photo shop I can make me look so much thinner lol