I'm still here...

Barely though. The last couple weeks have flown by in a flash and I won't bore you with the details but they have been less than pleasant. In fact right now I am supposed to be in the Key's with my family celebrating my little sister's 13th birthday but circumstances intervened. Grrrr!

Since we last spoke I have again lost one more pound. One. That's it.

I know, what you all want to say..."At least you are going down and not up" "A pound is a pound" ect. ect. ect.

I try to say it to myself but its truly very hard. I am not giving up no matter what but these are the thoughts that plague me:
If it is taking me up to two weeks to lose 1 pound now, when I am working my butt off and eating like a champion, while I am 5'7'' and still over 300 pounds, while I am very focused and have not faltered...what kind of hell is ahead of me???

Typically weight loss is supposed to be faster at first, then as you lose you have to get more strict and more serious to lose BUT I am giving it my all now. *Sigh*

Someone said to me recently, why does it matter how long it takes you as long as you are losing?

That's easy to say but when you can't even see results on a scale every week it is super hard to stay positive. Also, at this rate I it will take me about 4 years to get down to the weight I need to be for them to even THINK helping me get pregnant. I will still be about 50 pounds overweight at that point.

I want to keep believing that my body is going to kick into gear if I keep pushing on through.


  1. There is no comment I can leave that will help you, make you feel better or enlighten you. It sucks, but there just isn't. All I can say is just keep going. You're oding so well and I am really proud of you!

  2. I'm sorry you are so bummed. I know its frustrating. I know I've been there!

    The only suggestion I may have is maybe start logging everything you are eating and doing if you aren't already. It sucks, I hate writing everything down myself, but it really helps to see what you are doing right and wrong.

    And I know, you know the basics, drink lots of water, don't eat too late...yada yada.

    This is one of the hardest things we will every have to do, but like you, I want to lose weight so that I can get pregnant and be healthy. I use that as my motivation. Sometimes, it works better then other times, but I say this workout will bring my closer to having a baby, or don't eat that, it will only take me further away from getting pregnant.

    Try to stay positive, I know-easier said then done, but being miserable isn't going to help. Hang in there! It'll work out!! =)

  3. Thanks Shanna. I do log all my food and exercise everyday already. I have been doing it for a few years now, even during the months I have been completely off plan just to have a record. My logs show I should be losing at least 1-2 pounds a week. Grrr!

  4. I'm sorry sweetie! Maybe you should also talk to your dr. Maybe you have a thyroid problem. Personally, I had mine tested beause I met every symptom! When the results came in the doc said I was "high normal", after doing some further research. I found that endronologists are trying to change the range to where I would be considered to have hypothyroidism. Check out my post about it: http://battleofthebulge2008.blogspot.com/2008/01/thryroid-issue-revealed.html

    There has to be an underlying issue if you are doing everything right. I hope it helps!
    Good Luck!

  5. Do you happen to read pastaqueen.com or dietgirl.org? Those two are amazing! And if you go back and really see how long it took to lose the wight, you will notice it took years. But they kept at it and have wonderful results. They are such an inspiration.

  6. and not to be too upbeat BUT I truly believe that as long as you believe and VISUALIZE that it will happen.


  7. YOU CAN DO IT !! I know it gets hard at times not to see that scale show all your hard work.....I've lived like that for years. I decided to change things up a bit and not do the same thing every day and then I started losing a little. Maybe your body is so used to your routine that it doesn't burn the calories like it should
    ??? Keep smiling and things WILL look brighter.
    Hang in there!! :)

  8. This is tough. I mean, PCOS seriously sucks when it comes to losing weight. Your body really has it tougher. Thing is, you only can work with what you have (ditto here, I have a dead thyroid and allergies up the wahoo that affect things).

    It's not just a matter of eating low-glycemic foods. It's also making sure that you keep each meal/snack balanced. Because of my insulin resistance (and your PCOS), the sugar issues do come into play. A low GI fruit by itself is still not a good idea. Keep balance in mind: always something to balance carbs. Protein, especially, and healthy fats. So, if you have an apple, have nuts or peanut butter or a piece of low-fat cheese with it to balance. Ditto with carrots or brown rice or whatever.

    And remember that if your body's rate is 1 lb a week or .5 pounds a week, that's still 26 to 52 pounds a year. It might take 4 to 5 years, and that's a reality. Crash diets will hurt you, so don't get discouraged and fall into the super-low-cal, crash diet trap.

    Be patient. Pray for patience. Keep in mind down, down, down at a steady pace is better than up and up and up over the years and ending up BIGGER (as I have experienced myself.)

    Oh, and remember this: Working out builds muscle. If you work out REALLY HARD, you build muscle which, if you build a pound of muscle, and lose two pounds of fat...guess what shows on the scale? Yeah, 1 poundl oss, but you lost 2 puonds fat.

    5 years ago I got a personal trainer. In two months I gained EIGHTEEN pounds of muscle and lost THIRTEEN pounds of fat. Guess what teh scale said: I had gained five pounds. But in fact, I had LOST fat, gained muscle, was stronger, looked slimmer, looked better in clothes.

    Focus on staying on plan--in the exercise and eating--and good thigns WILL happen, if slowly.

    And never eat carbs by themselves. Not with PCOS.

    Best of luck!

    the Princess

  9. If you are doing everything right and seeing no results, have you given it any thought to get your thyroid checked? Or other blood work. Are you on any medication that perhaps would make weight loss a little more difficult?

    Just wondering.