Well, I am officially a statistic. They say Obesity and depression are linked. It is hard to admit but I am depressed. I usually try to be up-beat but I just can’t do it anymore. I know being depressed doesn’t help my situation but I can’t help what I feel. As I move closer and closer to 30 without any huge weight loss success, without any relief from my PCOS symptoms, and without being able to start a family, I just feel trapped. I am actually too depressed to even write anymore today…

I didn’t gain any weight though. I am still 314.


  1. (((HUGS)))
    I know how you feel, I just turned 25 and I really thought that I would be skinnier by my 25th birthday. Keep trying.

  2. Hello,
    Long time reader, first time commenter. I have been subscribing to your blog for awhile now.
    I know it gets us down, but hang in there. Even on your off days, you totally inspire me.
    Thanks for sharing

  3. I am so sorry, I also have PCOS and am fearing my future infertility. I'm also completely frustrated about not being able to lose weight. It SUCKS. You are not alone!

  4. I so know how you feel. I'm 33 and see my life at a standstill. Will it ever change?

    And Diana is right. Even when you might not be feeling it yourself, you are inspiring to me. Thank you!

  5. I totally get you - I am in the midst of the struggle myself! I wish I had some fabulous words of wisdom but I don't :( I can only say that for me Prozac was the answer (not to mention my current journey towards weight loss surgery).....:)

  6. This is probably the first winter I haven't really experience depression on a full-time basis. It's also my first year on medication for the WHOLE year because, I decided I wanted to know what a full-year on the meds would do... I didn't want to get to a point where it felt hopeless again.

    Message me privately if you want. I will add your email to my MSN and see if you're on that at all... *hugs*

  7. Sending hugs your way. I pray that this depression will lift from your shoulders.

  8. Hi Jem,
    New subscriber to your blog!
    Firstly I'd like to say YOU ARE GORGEOUS. First thing I noticed was how pretty you are!!! Stunner.

    Anyway, that's an aside. I've been that statistic too - depressed + overweight = feel like crap, and as though there's nothing to be done about it. I'm happy to report from the other side of the gap that it gets better, and easier. It's just the planning that takes effort (and you do that while you're in the right frame of mind, before you get on a roll of feeling down.) You can do it! You can do it while you're busy, you can do it while you're sad, you can do it! Just make a plan, and keep at it. I believe in you :)

    Anemieke xx

  9. Today is the first time I have read your blog. Your comment made me feel so sad for you - a lot of us know what you're going through. Don't give up. I am speaking to you as a 50 year old who has had similiar problems but now has a beautiful grown up daughter.

  10. Hang in there! You're in my thoughts.

  11. Hey, it has been a while since you posted, I hope you're feeling better,please let us know what you're up to.

  12. You know hun, I get depressed too. Don't let life get you down. You'll hate yourself for it later. I always do. Your still on track one pound is nothing, it can be lost in two days. At least in my case. When I moved over to Canada I gained even more weight i had gotten down to 291 then went up to 213 then went back down to 288 with hard work now back up lol wen't to 295 and finally back down again to 292. Hopefully I get back to 288 cause I was so freaking excited I hadn't seen that number in a long time. 313 was my biggest but I was so mad at myself for not being honest with myself.

    I always tell myself, everything happens for a reason. Other people have it worse then i do. I don't know how i stay positive. Check out my blog u'll see what I've been thru latly. To add to that been having some probs with my Ovary and finally have and apt tm to see whats up fingers corssed.

    Don't get down tho cause your beautiful. You will get to where you want to be. It's a battle.