Monday Weigh In: 338...The cold, hard, ugly truth.

Well, after weeks of problems, and me refusing to weigh in because I was so afraid of the damage done, I finally did it and I cried. I think I have gained 10 pound since the last time I braved stepping on the scale. I am hoping some of it is because I wasn't eating as much fiber or drinking as much water. I am hoping these 12 pounds can come off quickly so I can get going again on new weight loss. I hate losing the same pounds twice! So I can sit here and be mad at myself, get depressed and gain more weight, or I can take the set back and push on toward the prize. I am pushing on baby! Woo hoo!


  1. Just keep on keeping on. No sense in beating yourself up for 10 silly lbs, just get rid of them again and continue on your merry way :)

  2. Yay!!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad you're back in the game. Our weigh-ins sound really similar this week actually. I am also re-losing these last 5 pounds before my weight truely brings me in the negative once more.

    This post TOTALLY made me sing my anthem... Keep Pushin On by Inaya Day. You should really download it. The lyrics are simple:
    Keep pushin on
    Things are gonna get better!
    It won't take long
    keep on pushin, pushin!

    I'm so glad you're pushing. That takes strength and courage!

  3. Aww...you can do it...just hang in there.

    Having the right attitude is half the battle and it sounds like you've got that!

  4. Hey there! Congrats on the positive attitude. I KNOW how hard it is. You are a beautiful woman, and I'm inspired by you!

    Again...I've SO been there