Wedding Day

Well one of my greatest friends of all time got married on Saturday. The week was hectic, crazy, and out of control but the wedding was in a word perfect! Stacy looked gorgeous, like a bridal model in a magazine and the wedding came together as a beautiful tribute to the love they have for each other. I was so blessed to be the Matron of Honor and was happy to stand beside her as she married this glorious man. I may post a picture tomorrow.

What does this mean for weight loss? I think I have gained a lot of weight since I last posted my weight. I feel fatter. I haven't had much time to get to the gym and I have been entertianing many friends which means a lot of eating, not much sleeping and a lot of drinking! Almost every evening was spend with a 6 pack, at least. We had a great time but I am very disappointed in myself. Today was supposed to be the last I got back on track but because my house is a mess and I still have no gone to the grocery store I have not made any great effort. I did not over indulge today but I did not keep myself in check like I should have.

On a good note, my husband came to me yesterday and says he really wants to shed some pounds as well, and wants to create a plan for the two of us to work together over the next few months. I think it will be fun to plan healthy meals together and have a gym buddie again. Hopefully we will work on that plan this week. Um, well yeah, thats what life looks like right now.


  1. I read thenest and found your blog through that. I am not overweight myself, but due to health issues, I need to keep my weight in check by eating a very clean diet and exercise regularly (otherwise, I put on 10 lbs in a week). In that sense, I understand your frustrations about all the "abnormal" things that need to be done to maintain and meet my expectations about my goals so I don't become disappointed with the way things are going. I hate it when people celebrate a birthday at work with cake. I can't have any and its just a huge temptation!! Just know that by posting this blog, you are inspiring people you don't know. I hope your husband does join you on this quest because I know without the support of mine, it would have been much harder to just step away from the food. I call him all the time from work to talk me away from the vending machine. :) Good luck!

  2. Yay! I am so glad you're back in the game and I am TOTALLY excited that yoru husband is gonna work out with you. Sometimes Marco is the only thing that saves me from myself and it means the world to have that support there. YAY for you!