Nothing New...

I am just treading water over here but I am not getting anywhere. My motivation is lacking. I have gained and lost 10 pounds over and over the last couple months. I know I need to kick it into high gear but I get so busy. Ack. Sorry peeps.


  1. You have a great blog, but PLEASE stop using apostrophes wherever the hell you want. There is no reason to put an apostrophe, for example, in the plural "Bananas" on your shopping list! Do they belong to someone? Are you going to say bananas is ______? I certainly hope not, because that's wrong anyway. I'm not being nit-picky; you're quite the repeat offender, and it makes you look unintelligent (as well as making your blog difficult to read). Your content is great but for god's sake...please give the readers a break here, it's getting ridiculous!

  2. Hey, girl! Don't be discouraged. Alot of us have been struggling lately. Losing weight is not easy... but it will be SO worth it!

    I've been checking on you every day. I'm glad to see that you posted today. :)

    Hang in there! We can do this together! :)

  3. Take care of you! Sometimes life gets the best of all of us.

  4. I freaking feel you!!!!! It's so frustrating sometimes! All you can do is just keep going.

    We'll get there!

  5. Sorry to say but the "I'm too busy" excuse isn't going to cut it. I used to think the same thing until I really started looking at where I was spending my time and I found it was easy to find a couple hours a day. Yes I have to get up early (4:30 am) most days and I have to spend time after work on the treadmill instead of with my kids, but I simply have to do this. With the efficiency gained by losing weight I'll start to get back some of that time anyway as normal things will be easier to accomplish.

    My suggestion is to get back to it, get back on the lose 10 pounds cycle and then when you do lose those 10 pounds really put it into high gear and lose another 10 instead of gain. Force yourself to come here and write about it. You have made a tremendous stride just by being open about your struggles on here - don't let that support system go to waste.

    Good luck, I'll be rooting for you!

  6. Dear Anonymous...your comment made me laugh...you sound like my college english prof. He would constantly write on my papers "Great content, Bad grammar." I can't make any promises but I will try and stop. Ha!

  7. Whoa! I just read anonymous comment. If I were you... I would delete it! How freaking rude! Nobody cares' if you put apostrophes' at the correct place or not. This blog is not about grammar... it's about losing weight. And your true buddies' are here to support you... not judge your punctuation usage and such. lol

    So... you go ahead and keep on putting those apostrophes' wherever you freaking want to, girlfriend. lol

    (Wow... anonymous' sure did give me a good laugh. I wonder if he/she/it noticed that I put an apostrophe on all my apostrophes', and purposely DID NOT put an apostrophe on the word "anonymous" in my first paragraph. HA! :)~ lol I hope nobody gets' offended by this comment... but OMG!!! lol)