Body by Wii

My little sister had one simple wish for her 12th birthday. She wanted a Wii and she wanted it badly. Her birthday was August 2nd but there were no Wii's in sight. All the stores were sold out. The poor darling had to wait for it to come back into stock. I personally didn't see the drawl. I am not a video game fan at all. I loved Super Mario brothers and Tetris when I was a kid and that is about it. We went to pick up her shiny new Wii on Sunday morning and by Sunday evening my hubby had it set up and ready. She was chomping at the bit to start playing and had recruiting hubby and I play the first game with her. First I was instructed to make my Wii character. You can actually create what they call a Wii Mii (or a Wee Me) which is a little character you play the games with that you fashion to look like you. I loved that even when I made my character fat she still was adorable. We started with the 3 player friendly bowling. I immediately fell in love. It was more fun that regular bowling! When I curved the ball curved. When I moved the wii stick slowly, the ball went slowly. The wii stick and I were one. We played several times and I broke 200! (In real bowling I am excited to break 100!) Then we were onto baseball, tennis, gold, boxing. We were having a ball! After dueling it out in my third round of boxing I realized I was actually getting exercise. I'll admit you get out of it what you put it but when I was bowling I ran up to the line and swung my arm just as if I was doing the real thing. When I played tennis I was hopping back and forth and swinging at the ball. During the boxing match I actually broke a sweat. You are moving constantly the entire time punching into the air with both arms wildly. It was one of the most enjoyable times I have ever had "exercising". I was also definitely glad to see my sister bouncing around instead of with a controller in her hands on the couch with her thumbs getting all the action. I definitely recommend people trying one out if the have the change. It is super fun if nothing else. I am going to incorporate the Wii into my routine as much as possible. Maybe one day I can say I got my body by Wii.


  1. Wow! That sounds like SO much fun! I am definitely going to have to look into this! Thanks for the tip! :)

  2. Friends of mine have one and I was hooked immediately. I'm hoping I get one for my upcoming birthday but my husband mentioned something about a Dyson. I guess vacuuming is exercise too, right? ugh.

  3. You're the second dieter who has said that... maybe I need to look into this thing... It's gotta be cheaper than a gym membership, right?

  4. I totally agree, it's sooo much fun! We got a Wii a long while ago and we're really enjoying it. Hubby being a gamer, he talks a lot about his Wiixercise! ;)

  5. I have an internet friend who has been losing weight using the Wi as his primary source of exercise. Thanks to him and other bloggers out there who publicized their repurposing of the Wii, the makers now have Wii fitness in development.

    I think JR finally hit a point where he had to add more exercise in than just the Wii. Here is a link to his blog:


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    Hey there, the WII is a great way to lose weight! My spouse got a WII two months ago and I couldn't get over how much of a sweat you can work up!!Its crazy!

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    Good luck on your journey!