I am sorry to have left a huge gap in my blogging recently. I have been extremely busy and am completely exhausted. I wanted to post and say I am still alive and well and will write more asap.


  1. Glad you are OK - you have been missed!

  2. Hi! I hope you are getting some rest and taking care of yourself. And I hope you'll be back to blogging soon!

    I love your site. I just realized that my starting weight of 367.4 pounds is very close to what your starting weight was. Seeing your weight loss so far is SO motivating! I also noticed on your poll that so far the majority of voters need to lose 200 pounds or more. I honestly thought that I was the only blogger in the world that needed to lose that much weight.

    I've read over some of your previous posts. I can relate to so much of what you've written. It's nice to know that none of us are alone in this. We can lose this weight together. We WILL lose this weight together!

    Keep up the good work! :)