Can Credit Cards Make You Fat? (Or at least fatter?)

I read an interesting article the other day about the convenience of credit cards and its affect of the way people eat. (Link above) I was drawn in to the msn money article because of the title. Of course my first thought was "of course credit cards have nothing to do with weight!" However after reading the article I can see how it actually does have some affect on people's choices. Basically it says that now that all fast foods restaurants take credit cards its easier for people to eat fast food more often and more of it. When people needed to have cash on hand it wasn't as convenient. Also, if you did have cash you couldn't spend more than what you had. It seems people are spending more and eating more because of their plastic little friends. Its a valid point. I can honestly say before the fast food restaurants took cards I was never even tempted to go there because I never carry cash. They began to call my name more often on my way home from work when I could whip out my card and pay. Of course its still the consumers choice to use the card in this unhealthy way so its not the poor little cards fault, he is just an innocent bystander in all this.

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  1. It's not the fast food joints accepting credit cards that has hurt me, as I usually carry around enough for that.

    But no question that I spend more and eat more at sit down restaurants, particulary when you are drinking. You have no limits.