Shocking results!

I am healthy...for now. My workplace held a health fair last week. They contracted a lab to come out and check our blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose, and BMI. I was honestly pretty scared to get my test results back. I thought for sure the extra weight I carry had to cause unhealthy readings in all categories. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that all were in the healthy range except my BMI. I was shocked. I was thinking to myself, "but I am fat, this can't be right?!?!?" After taking it all in I realized I am in a great position. My body is still resisting the hostile take over of fat and all that it entails. I am in a place where I can change with minimal damage. I know that I am a ticking time bomb as an obese person but so far I was warding off the bad health and illness. This is just a huge motivator for me to keep on the right path towards health. I have not lost the battle. I will fight on until the end.


  1. I'm the same way. At my last full check up I was given a clean bill of health and was totally surprised.

    It does make losing the weight seem all the more important because maybe, just maybe, we can reverse the damage we may have caused had we continued on our old reckless paths.

    Yay for us!

  2. You're really like to have found that out and with a little hard work you won't EVER have to worry about those things again.

    Believe me, I'm 24 and diabetic, I take cholesterol and BP meds and I'm VERY embarrassed. I'm so young to have these problems and it's mainly b/c of my weight. But working on the issues one day at a time :)

  3. Hi there!
    Just stumbled across your blog - I can so relate to this post. I had the same realization recently - so far, I have no weight-related health problems. It's such a good thing to know you might be able to turn things around and potentially not suffer lasting damage (although I am personally still waiting for my weight to bite me in the ass, if you will). You're a very pretty girl, btw! ;) Keep it up, girl!

  4. I am 29 and on a low dosage of blood pressure medication. Other than that, I don't have any health problems. I definitely want to lose my weight before anything else develops... and I want off those bp meds! :)

  5. Congrats on the awesome test results!


  6. I feel just like you--like I'm lucky in a way that my youth has kept the fat from really doing something bad to my body.

    And like you, I realize it's only a matter of time. Keep fighting...you know the benefits will be worth it :)

  7. That's wonderful. So many times, people wait until their health is problematic before trying to lose the weight. You're a step ahead! Keep up the good work:)