I've lost some weight, but I am not happy.

I've lost 6 pounds in the last 3 weeks but I am not too happy about it. I lost it all in the first 3 days of my new medications and low GI/ low calorie diet so I know it wasn't all fat, it was water weight. Why have I been so good for 3 weeks and for the last two weeks lost nothing? I am not giving up, I am giving it a 3 month go before I decide it isn't working, but if I don't lose some more weight soon I am really going to have trouble staying positive. I don't even know how it is humanly possible for a 300+ pound woman to eat 1600-1800 calories a day of healthy food and do the elliptical machine everyday and not lose an ounce for 2 full weeks. Ugh! I will keep you posted.


  1. Ah I hear you!!!

    I have been seeing a personal trainer for exactly 1 year this month and I have lost 5 lbs since last year this time. Now, I have lost more inches and I am toning immensely, so I can't say I am not changing - it is just creeping like a snail!

    Having PCOS you will have a harder time to lose weight than a normal chic - but with every pound your PCOS will have less of a hold on your body. So, don't give up - I have been going at my weight since 12/06 and lost almost 40 lbs and I am feeling soooo much better than I did back then!

    Low GI is the best diet for PCOS. So, you are on the right track - I have a lot of trouble controlling my sugar intake so I haven't lost as much - but if you can stay away from sugar you will lose more for sure.

    It sounds like you are doing great! Just know it is gonna be a challenge - but not one that you can't overcome!!

  2. 6 pounds in 3 weeks means 2 lbs a week right?

    It might not be as FAST as you want to lose but it is in the right direction. I know that as 300+ lb lady myself we often expect to be able to lose weight fast, but it's not always that simple.

    I know that for me years of yo-yo dieting have messed up my metabolism.

    For you, your PCOS is an extra headache on the weight loss wagon, but one that I guess you have to work around -- definitely try to avoid high sugar and high carb (white carb) refined foods.

    Best wishes,

  3. I hear you. What you are going through is so incredibly frustrating. Also, is it possible that your medications are preventing you from losing weight? Maybe if you keep a log of what you're doing and show it to your doctor after 6 weeks of no change, he could play around with your meds. Its a long shot, I know, but I've read other blogs that mentioned weight gain issues caused by meds. Anyway, you will lose weight eventually!!!

  4. don't ya just hate the body sometimes? Don't give up...I know you'll lose soon.

  5. That sounds like such a small amount of calories. I'm 250+ and think that cutting my cals to 2000 per day is pretty good for now.

    I hope it all works out for you, sweetie!!! ~j

  6. It is frustrating isn't it. when your eating so little food and exercising so hard and nothing in happening!!!!

  7. Bah, I know your frustration! The good news is that it IS impossible to have absolutely no change if you keep to that routine, so it will have to let go eventually.

  8. Be sure you keep track of inches as well! Don't give up... I think this is a great diet choice for PCOS sufferers and maybe you just need to tweak it to fit your own personal body. Work closely with yoru doctor r nutritionalist and just don't give up!

    p.s. The wiehgt never came off as fast as I was imagining it should have. It does suck!