First Day

Day one has been difficult. The first week is the hardest. You have to establish a new routine, change your priorities, but most of all change your mind. There is so much planning involved in too. I have not planned all my meals and snacks in a while. I also have not carved out time for daily exercise in months.

My thoughts today have oscillated from being excited to be on the right track to being very mad at myself for letting go of all the progress I had made before. I have not been less than 300 pounds since 2003. I have spent the last few years trying. I have gotten close a couple times. My lowest weight was about 305 about a year ago. Many have said a goal of losing 60 pounds in 11 months is easily achieved. However, as “easy” as it is, I have never been able to do it! My body sheds weight so slowly. I have never been able to stick to anything more than about 4 months. I know that the lack of results has definitely been partly why I can not keep the motivation going. I can not do anything half way and lose weight. I have to be all in, all the time.

I already feel like crap. It is amazing what only one day without sugar and caffeine can do to me. It so hard to feel motivated to workout when you feel like you have no energy and you have a throbbing headache! I want to heed the advice not to do too much to fast. I do not want to be derailed because I bit off more than I can chew. I am going to work up to my full routine. However this week I commit to working out 15 minutes a day and eating right. Next week I will bump it up to 20 mins. Before you know it I will be back into the swing of things. I will not post my meals everyday but I will sometimes just to show what I am eating.

Breakfast: 2 Egg Omelet with provolone, onions and peppers and a banana
Snack: 2 Clementines
Lunch: Tuna on Salad
Snack: Carrots
Dinner: Baked Chicken & Sautéed Broccoli

Since I am also trying to fight PCOS and as well lose weight. I am on a supplement regime as well which includes:
Multi Vitamin
Fish Oil
Natural Progesterone Cream

Okay, I am off to do my 15 mins and then go to bed before I can put anything else in my mouth. :-)


  1. I want you to know that I will be following your blog, and I truly hope that you find the commitment you are looking for.

    I'm seventeen, and was just diagnosed with PCOS. I have been overweight for my entire adolescence, and am now determined to learn eating habits now to help me throughout my life.

    Best of luck! :)

  2. Hi Gemma, I stumbled onto your blog a year or two ago and periodically check in to see how you are doing. I have never commented before but thought, for what it's worth, you may like to hear my story. I find lots of people who comment on weight loss blogs often seem to be against weight loss surgery or feel that it is a better option to lose weight the 'natural' way. Mostly though, they haven't experienced weight loss surgery themselves. Two years ago, after a lifetime of struggling with my weight I had lapband surgery. At the beginning of my journey I was 338 pounds - today I am 259. I have lost my weight very, very slowly (my choice) by having only a few 'fills' in my band. The point for me is that the loss has been steady and is continuing. I can choose to have more fill to make the weight loss faster or to have fill taken out (for instance if I want to go on holidays and want less restriction with my appetite for a short time). I have never suffered any side effects, have never had anything 'stuck' (a side effect in lapband surgery if your band is too tight)and have been able to continue with my life normally - just with much less of an appetite! I guess the reason I wanted to leave you a comment is because I waited till I was 42 to have this surgery. Like you, as you mentioned in your previous post, I have had much happiness in my life, a great husband and three beautiful sons, BUT my weight has always held me back from'living'. I wish I had been able to have my surgery when I was 30 and to get on with the kind of life I am beginning to experience now, as I lose weight. I wake up every morning and thank God that I finally made the decision to get a lapband and I KNOW if I hadn't I would still be over 300 pounds. I wanted to leave this comment because it breaks my heart to see such a beautiful young woman feeling like she is marking time with her life on hold until she can lose weight. Whatever path you take I want to wish you good luck with your journey and the new start you are making. You are an absolute inspiration and please never, never, feel, if you decide to have surgery, you have failed. For me, although lapband surgery has provided a tool to help lose weight, I still have to eat well and exercise - it's definitely not an easy way out.

    All good wishes,

  3. Headache issues over here, too. It's hard for me right now, because I have to study every day (for my Masters). This kind of withdrawal is so hard to go through, I find.

  4. I think starting out slow sounds like a really good plan. Your meals look healthy!

  5. One step at a time sweetie. At my weight watchers meeting, our leader always asks what we are going to focus on for the week, and it really works to focus on one thing. The first few weeks, just try and get the food thing under control. Then try and get on top of your water intake, make sure you are having at least 2 litres. Then after a month or so, get the exercise thing going. And if you find your weight loss starts to slow down, go back to the beginning, and focus more on your food again. It worked for me, 33kg down now.

  6. I've followed your blog as a lurker for a while now. I think I found this blog around the time I decided to take control of my PCOS and get healthy. Between April and November of 2008, I lost 50 pounds. I conceived without meds (total shock, lol) in December and gave birth to our kiddo in September of 2009.

    Today I started getting serious about losing this last fifty pounds. I can tell it's not going to go as quickly as the first half but that's okay. I learned how to eat and exercise and take care of myself so I know I can do this again.

    I see that you're going the natural route with your PCOS treatment. I tried that but it didn't work for me. Once my OB/GYN and fertility specialist put me on Desogen/Apri, my weight practically melted off! It was crazy what a little hormone regulation can do. I'm not sure if you're interested in that option, but you might consider it.

    Good luck! I'm totally rootin' for ya!

  7. Going the natural route for PCOS treatment is a necessity for me. I was wondering if you would do a post on why you chose those particular supplements. I'm not criticizing! I'm just very new to this and trying to learn all that I can.

  8. it's been a week and I hope everything is going OK for you. I wrote a blog post at the beginjing of the year saying how I was going to take this seriously this time, then promptly fell off the wagon. I'm on my day 1 at the moment, and it's posts like yours that make me feel like actually I'm not the only one having to deal with this. I don;t know if that makes you feel at all better, but it helps me.

  9. Remember you're not trying to be perfect today, you're just trying to do a little bit better than you did yesterday. You can get there! I think working up to your goals is the right thing to do.

  10. How many times can one fail on a blog? I've been doing weight loss blogs since 1996... and I'm much heavier now than then.

    But this time is different. It took 11 years... but, life is too short I finally discovered!

    I decided last Valentines day, after two students pointed a gun and machete at me in class... that I was going to join the army. I was almost 270 pounds. A year later, I'm 220-ish pounds. I still have at least 40 more pounds to lose but I'm big and I'm strong. And, I'm getting there....

    Chin (or chins!) up! You will do fine and soon, you'll just have one chin... and a very sexy body you worked hard for!

    Take it one week... one day... one hour... one minute at a time, if you need to.

    I contemplated surgery too. But... it takes HARD work. And every day you think it's hard? You work a little bit HARDER and then you get even MORE results.

    And soon? You'll be so amazed at yourself... your confidence will increase....

    Let's get this fat off! And let's get healthy!

    And... you still have your readers. We've just been waiting for you to come back :)


  11. I have been an off and on reader and really love your blog. I will keep stopping by and root you on. This is such a tough journey but I know you can do it. Slow and steady you'll get there. *hugs*