Going against the Grain

I realized today that there are a couple things that a lot of diet experts tell you to do that I am not doing. I seem to have more success doing the opposite.

The first thing is eating every 2-3 hours. I am a rule follower most of the time and all the other times I have tried to lose weight I did live by this rule. This time I realized that when I ate snacks or mini meals I was eating too much and it often lead to grazing. I am not good at the mini portions. When it is time to eat, I wanted something more substantial. I can also say when I was eating mini meals in the past I did not see an increase in my metabolism, and that was the main reason I wanted to do mini-meals every few hours. I am now eating about every 5 hours…three meals a day and it seems to be working better for me.

Secondly I do not do low fat or fat free. Granted I do not use huge portions of these things but I use full fat mayo, salad dressing, milk, yogurt, ect. I also have been eating avocados, nuts and other healthy fats. I also eats eggs, with the yolks thank you! They have been keeping me full and more satisfied. Some diet gurus are so calorie focused that they recommend the low fat or fat free options. However, when I go the fat free route I am just left unfulfilled. When I eat fats I don’t feel deprived. Eating a smaller portion of full fat mayo is much more enjoyable and satisfying than a double portion of fat free.

I am in no way saying that this is the way to go for everyone. I have heard many people say that the mini-meals and low fat options have helped them. I am no expert and would never say my way is the only way. Although, I can say, this seems to be the only way to go for me.


  1. Hi,

    I think three meals a day works for a lot of people. It is one of the things OA recommends for example so it does make sense. I personally like low fat but I know some experts say that low fat never makes you feel full so you keep eating. I am happy you found what works for you.

  2. I do that too - eat 3 meals per day. I just can't eat every couple of hours. Give me a real meal and I am satisfied. A little of this or a little of that doesn't work for me.

  3. I definitely agree with you. I don't like the idea of completely quitting a particular item from my diet just because it isn't fat free. If I quit something I tend to hit a breaking point where I can't go anymore and then I totally binge out on that along with other yummy fattiness that compliments it. I think everything is OK in moderation and when portioned appropriately. Especially if it works for you! Losing weight truly is dependent upon each individual, so whatever works girl, just stick with it! Keep up the good work!

  4. I'm not a FF kind of gal either. I do use some lower fat items when I'm cooking though, if I can't tell the difference in the end anyway. I want to save the added calories for things that I really want. I'm all about the FF sour cream if it means that I have enough wiggle room to eat some good chocolate. *laughs*

    You know, I think that a lot of those weight loss doctors try to hard to fit everyone into the same box a lot of times. If you feel good while spacing your meals out, great! That has definitely got to be an advantage on busy days. Sometimes I feel like all I do is eat, because I'm eating so frequently. I'm not sure if that helps people who are food addicts of any variety, you know? I don't know. Either way, I haven't noticed any difference in metabolism between eating 3 squares or 6 small meals either.

  5. I am a fat kind of girl too (that has a few meanings). I like to keep it real because it seems when the fat is taken out the amount of chemicals and fake shit turns it into something besides real food. All of my fat is taken in moderation, of course, but I really like my food that way. I think it is becoming more known throughout diet-land that keeping fats IN your diet is really healthy for you and part of keeping satisfied. We need real fat as human beings- different kinds from different sources.

    I find that I need about two meals and two snacks. I eat a substantial breakfast and then a lunch snack. I then eat a substantial dinner and a night snack. It seems to work for me. It also varies from days to day sometimes if I am doing more or less activity.

    Success seems to come from finding what is right for YOU and not following what you hear from "experts". Taking bits and pieces from different sources is great and that is kind of how I do it.

    I really liked this post. I think it is great that you have found two things that do against the grain but that work for you!

  6. I'm glad that you're doing things that work for you and getting rid of things that don't. I think that's an important key to success - not trying to fit yourself into a mold that obviously doesn't work. Awesome :)

  7. it IS all so unique.

    if I dont eat every 3 hours I get crazyhungry and it gets sugarugly.

    but the fullfat? Im with you sister.

    Id rather eat a little less...

  8. for me what is really keeping me on track, as it's been now almost a year of constant dieting and excersise, is my ' high calorie' saturday's. On saturday I have given myself the option to eat what ever the hell I want. This has helped alot with my massive cravings for sometimes chocolate, or just some warm french bread with a big glob of butter! mmmmmm!
    I too have a diet blog:

    good luck and remember the word DIET means: I Can't Eat That?
    Wendy- Toronto, Canada

  9. I'm right with you. It isn't about what the "experts" say - it's about what works for you. If you are having success, feeling healthy and active and losing weight then go for it!

    I do use some "low fat" but no "fat free" stuff and I absolutely abhore artificial sweeteners. I am trying to eat whole foods and most of the diet foods are full of unnatural things that I can't even pronounce. Why would I want that in my body? Instead I eat a small amount of the full-fat/sugar item or just skip it altogether. It's like cheese. I used to think I HAD to have cheese on my taco salad or my subway sandwich but then I tried it without and I didn't even notice the difference. Now if I want it, I have a little bit of it but I give myself permission to try things I've never tried before.

    Whew - long comment. But I love your blog!

  10. good for you! Everyone has to find what works for them. We are not cookie cutters.

    I also agree about the no-low fat or fat-free. I believe in real food. Have a great day

  11. Keep doing what works for you. Everyone is different. I find I'm hungrier when I eat that low fat stuff especially when they replace the fat with more sugar. The sugar is the problem for most of us. Keep up the good work.

  12. I only ever do the three meals a day!! The only thing our family doesn't do is eat egg yolks and that's because my husband had a heart attack a short while ago and at his cardio rehab they told us that one egg yolk has the maximum cholesterol that you should be eating for an entire day! So we've changed to only egg whites which we can eat as many as we want to :)