Surviving Thanksgiving Overload

Well, I did it. I ate 4 thanksgivings in over a weeks time and I did not gain weight, in fact I lost a little. (I will not post my weight until I officially weigh in on Thursday.) There were a bunch of ways I had to choose from to handle this not very diet friendly holiday. I chose the a couple of strategies to get me through...here they are:

1) I slept in on the days I had a thanksgiving. Why? Because sleeping in helped me have breakfast later in the day, which kept me satisfied until the 4'o clock dinners. That way I only ate two meals but wasn't hungry and had extra calories to spend on Thanksgiving food.
2) I did an hour on the elliptical each morning and pushed myself really hard to burn extra calories.
3) I filled my plate mostly with turkey and veggies. I did have a couple tablespoons of stuffing and sweet potato...but skipped the mashed potatoes, bread, and dessert.
4) I did a 30 min bike ride in the evening. It was fun and burned even more calories.

However, I think the biggest key to success was planning ahead and knowing that failure is not an option. Thank God I will only have two Christmas dinners to go to!!

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  1. Congrats! I think I will apply these tips to my Christmas dinners. Thanks for sharing.