Offical Weigh In

I pinched myself this morning to see if I was dreaming or if I really did have another successful weight loss week. Yippee, I was awake, but my arm hurts a little from all that pinching. I haven’t been on a roll like this for so long. The day to day is not easy but when I get results it is so much easier to stay motivated. I am 3 pounds down from last week. My new weight is 319.5; this means I have lost 42.5 pounds from my highest weight ever and 25.5 pounds in the last 8.5 weeks. Yes, I feel empowered.


  1. Amazing and Fantastic and Terrific! It is great to hear that these past two weeks are giving you a motivation boost!


  2. Wow congrats! That is a lot of weight to loose in 2 months- you are an insperation!