A late Weigh In: 324.5

I feel out of control. Traveling was horrible for my new lifestyle. Why is it that when some one dies everyone wants to feed you? I am definitely an emotional eater and having little old ladies bringing over fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, cakes, pies, the whole nine, didn't help me one bit. Between the emotions, stress, and fattening southern cooking, I feel like I failed. I know I just have too pick myself up, dust myself off and start again but I am pretty disappointed in myself. I could have made wise choices but I threw caution to the wind and pigged out. It was my first really completely out of control moment since January 1st. Okay, I am shaking it off now. Today is a new day!

I did end up losing 1.5 pounds since my last weigh in 1 1/2 weeks ago, but considering I didn't eat for two days with the stomach flu I know I could have lost 4 or more pounds if I hadn't had 4 days of crazy eating and no exercise. I am however grateful my weight didn't go up. That would have been horrible! I expect this will be a very slow week as I try and get my body back into balance and routine.

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