Monday Weigh In: 326

Down Down Down, that's always what the scale should always do. I lost 1.5 pounds this week and am very happy about it! I work hard, ate right, and was rewarded. Since I started my new lifestyle a little over 2 months ago this is what I've noticed:

-I have had loads more energy already, which is awesome, if I feel this great at 326...what will 226 feel like?
-My back doesn't hurt any more, I am not sure if this is due to weight loss or exercise but it is great news.
-I no longer that those blood sugar highs and lows through out the day that make me feel crappy. I think this
is because I am eating every few hours, I am eating high quality food, I am trying to limit sugar and refined carbs,
and the Cinch multi-vitamin I am no helps to regulate blood sugar.
-I am feeling full on less food, this doesn't not help when I am emotionally eating because I can still eat past the
full stage but it helps in everyday life to consume less.
-I am eating so many nutrient packed fruits and veggies now.
-I don't have to push myself as hard to exercise, it has become part of my routine, I hope one day I will even look
forward to it.

-I have had trouble keeping myself in check with eating in social settings. It is easy to make bad choices when I am surrounded
by unhealthy foods and even encouraged by friends or family to eat them.
-Sometimes I miss eating real meals for lunch, the shake for Breakfast is great but I miss having a real lunch, however I really think
the shakes are helping me get my health in line. At some point I will only drink the shake for breakfast.
-I am breaking out! I have no idea why! Some people have told me that weight loss can mess with your hormones and I have heard that it
maybe my body detoxifying. I am not sure, but I hope it stops. I usually just get one little zit right before my period but now I have like 5 angry
ones that have taken up residence on my face. I want to evict them ASAP!

So, that is what I have noticed so far. Sorry I didn't blog much over the weekend. I took Friday off from work and have the best time just being
with friends and family and taking some time for myself. Work life has gotten really busy and I get less and less time to just relax. More soon.

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