Monday Weigh In:326 & Dress Woes

I have been in a downward spiral for the past week and a half...sickness...a death in the family and then the dreaded bridesmaid dress came in. As you can guess, it didn't fit, it didn't even come close to fitting. This through me into a deep depression. I know I should have thought about how far I have come the last few months but instead I felt like a loser and bought pad thai, sushi, and cherry vanilla breyers ice cream to soothe myself. The top of the dress and waist were a little too big, but the hips and butt barely fit over and made me look like a pig in a blanket. It was pathetic. I guess I thought I might be able to fit because some of my clothes are 24's now. I have at least 3 size 24 dresses that fit me well but I guess that is because they are flowy and not so fitted. I took the dress into my trusty seamstress hoping she could help me with this mess of a situation and her reaction of "Wow, I don't think there is much I can do" didn't help the horrible feelings of dread ether. The biggest problem (besides my fat ass) is that the dress is a very specific shade of green and the fabric can not really be matched. I am not sure what to do. Should I step down as maid of honor? Should I offer to have a different dress made for me in her other color (silver)? I feel like a loser friend. A good friend would have gotten skinny enough. And, yes, I am an emotional eater. *sigh*


  1. Don't be hard on yourself - you'll get there! In the meantime, try calling the dress maker and asking how much they charge for extra fabric. I bet you can order some and your seamstress can use it to alter the dress. I did this and also used the fabric to make all the bridesmaids pretty hair things to match their dresses. Good luck!

  2. Please please please please please please please please please read Dr. Phil's book. Please!

    I just blogged about this same kind of sabotage for my best friend's wedding where I was the maid of honor. I looked horrible in my maid of honor dress... horrible!

    Honestly I see SO MUCH of me in you I really wish with every ounce of my being you would read the book. You're not a loser you just don't have the tools to get a grip on a lifetime of bad habits.

    I'm actually re-reading the book for the 4th time and every single time I get more out of it. In every line you wrote here I can pinpoint exactly what you're doing and what pages you should read. I swear to God if you read it you will get SOMETHING out of it.

    I just want to hug you right now and tell you everything will be all right. This must be such a trying time for you and so very stressful. It could be your "rock bottom". The only way now... is up.