Working out was bad for my social life.

I have become such a slave to my work out routine I can't bare to break it...EVER. I am not a morning person so I have been going the bulk of my working out in the evening at the gym. Any time I ever have gotten an evening invite out I have had to decline. "I must go to the gym" I chant in my head. Its been sad. I have missed out on a lot. I can't stop exercising but I can't keep squashing my social like to smithereens by declining every invitation. I decided a major change had to be made and I was not looking forward to it. I HAD to start exercising in the mornings before work so I could do more after work and not feel so rushed. It really was the perfect time for me to work out: I wouldn't have to keep showering twice a day, I wouldn't already have my make up on (I HATE sweating with my make up on) I have nothing I am usually doing at that time besides sleeping, it could rev up my metabolism for the day, it would get my day off to a nice start. So with all the good points about it why was I still dreading it? The first day I set my alarm for an hour and 15 mins before I usually get up but alas, my snooze hand won that battle. The next night I set two different alarms so I couldn't just hit snooze. My body let me down a second time by snoozing the one alarm and sleeping right through the other one! I was really frustrated and disappointed with myself. I need to just get up and do it! So the third morning when the alarm said "Wake up!!!", in its loud annoying voice I jumped out of bed, not even giving myself a chance to think about how good snooze would feel. (The snooze button truly should have never been invented, does it ever really help anyone or just enable them to not get up when they really wanted to!!) I pulled my hair into a pony tail, put on my gym clothes and shoes and ran out the door. I haven't seen that world at that time in the morning in a long time. It was kind of nice. My first morning work out was pretty grueling. I couldn't help but keep looking at the time. "WHAT, it has only been 5 mins!?!?" But I made it, and I did a little happy dance when I got home, feeling strong. I had won the battle, at least that day. So, now, after a full week and a half of my morning routine, I can say I am a morning exerciser. It's still not easy but its getting better and it has given much needed time in the evenings to spend with my husband, friends, and family. I also am eating dinner much earlier and am not so revved up at night. Also, I haven't totally given up my PM exercise. I found a new form of exercise that I am in love with, the Body Ball! I tried one the other day and really love it. It's amazing how versatile they are. There are so many great stretches, abs exercises, and resistance moves you can do on the ball, and best of all, its fun. The third part of my shake up is: drum roll please: I have finally added weights to my routine. I bucked them for a long time now. Cardio is just so much more pleasurable to me that lifting dumbbells, but I knew it was the next step for my fitness and health goals. So, here is where we are at now:

5-6 Days a Week:

AM - 1 Hours of Cardio of my choice

3-4 Days a Week:
PM- Body Ball DVD (20 mins) and Weight Lifting (20 mins)

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  1. Good for you! I used to swim in the mornings but have gotten LAZY. I'll have to try the body ball - looks fun!