Monday Weight In: 326

If I hadn't promised myself that I would blog once a week no matter what happens I probably wouldn't be blogging at all. It hard enough to fall on your face by yourself but completely different to fall in front of a crowd. (Not that my 3 blog readers is a real crowd.) However, it feels like public humiliation. What I had to realize is I didn't fall, I just tripped, and now I can move happily on. It has been hard to stay focused and have to stay positive that's for sure, but after some wonderfully supportive readers (thanks sarah!) and some great talks with my husband, I feel a renewed strength. I know I got too caught up in a short term goal, when the real prize is to get as healthy as I can, not fit into a dress for one day. The dress was important to me because Stacy is important and I wanted to be there for her looking great at her wedding, and I still will be, I am just not sure what I'll be wearing.

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  1. You're welcome! Just remember... you really are "A Girl Worth Losing."