The cost of being fat.

Being fat is expensive. I had buy a new dress for the bridal shower I am throwing next weekend. It always upsets me how expensive plus size clothes are and what a limited selection we have. If I have to pay almost double the price can you give me a little more variety. My favorite place to shop is Macy's Plus size department because they have a lot of the same things that they have in the regular women's department only bigger, but the prices are not good. However because I only shop the sales I always get a good deal. The problem is when you need something right away you have to pay full price to find anything good and in season. I looked at Macy's and there was nothing good on sale or not. I was feelings a bit panicky...most of current dresses are too dressy for the occasion, I wanted to wear a spring-ish casual dress. We don't have a Lane Bryant anywhere near my house and I hate trucking all the way out there. So, I decided to try another store I had heard about called Avenue. Some of the clothes were good and some very matronly and heinous. I think most people could get staples there like jeans, shirts, bras, ect but I wouldn't create a wardrobe from that store. All of there dress were 59-89 dollars. This is not want I wanted to spend for my casual dress, but I bought one anyway. It's blue and it fit me well. This got me thinking about how many other things I pay more for because I am fat. If I wasn't covered by group health insurance I would have huge individual premiums because of my weight. Whenever I travel on an airplane I now feel the need to buy two tickets instead of one because I want to be sure I fit in the seat and do not creep into anyone else's space. Think about all the money I have spent on extra calories at the grocery store I didn't need. I have spent countless dollars on different diets and weight loss products. I have bought exercise gear and machine's I barely touched. Some reports have even shown that fat people make less money than their slimmer counter parts. Did I get hired at a smaller starting pay because of my weight? I may be cheating myself out of thousand's of dollars per year by keeping my fluffy exterior. For the health benefits of losing weight, it will also pad your wallet.

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